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Tintin: A lack of fatal violence in the books?

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Mull Pascha
#11 · Posted: 4 Feb 2005 21:00
Rastapopoulos actually survived

That's one thing I wonder about. How come Rastapopoulos survived falling from such heights. Is he invulnerable? And how come no-one got down there and checked if he was dead?

[Note from Admin: anyone wishing to respond to Mull Pascha's question, please start a new thread (for further discussions on how Rastapopoulos survived the fall).]
#12 · Posted: 21 Nov 2005 01:33
there were a lot of fatalities/killings/murders etc. considering that when they were written, they were primarily pitched to children.
#13 · Posted: 21 Nov 2005 05:56
I agree 23duff. There is a lot of violence considering the primary audience, but its not graphic.
labrador road 26
#14 · Posted: 10 Dec 2005 08:49
There is also reported that some other ships have had accidents in the broadcast when Karaboudjan is said to have sunk. I guess that some sailors were killed in those accidents. And in The black island there is accidents mentioned on the radio that have happened in the heavy fog, some of these could be fatal as well.
#15 · Posted: 28 May 2007 16:48
Red Rackham and his crew in Secret of the Unicorn and the 12 Japanese in The Blue Lotus.
#16 · Posted: 23 Mar 2008 22:39
My brother and I spent about half an hour trying to work out who had actually died in Tintin. The only people we could come up with were Jorgen and Wolff. Have I missed anyone?
#17 · Posted: 24 Mar 2008 00:59
Just about everyone! There are countless deaths in Tintin, it's just that most take place outside the frame.
#18 · Posted: 24 Mar 2008 07:50
Well... in "The Blue Lotus" comic book, Mitsuhirato committed the Harakiri in the end. It's some kind of Japanese's suicide. But in the animated series, he was simply punished by life sentence in jail.
#19 · Posted: 24 Mar 2008 12:35
Harakiri is ritual suicide. It was often performed by dishonoured samurai.
cigars of the beeper
#20 · Posted: 24 Mar 2008 21:07
miloumuttmitt wrote:
the 12 Japanese in The Blue Lotus.

I'm not sure what twelve Japanese you are referring to in The Blue Lotus. The only person in there who died that I know of was Mitsuhirato.

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