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Tintin: A lack of fatal violence in the books?

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#41 · Posted: 10 Feb 2024 16:11
When I was reading this story, I assumed it would turn out to be a misunderstanding or farce. It felt jarring when there was an actual straightforward murder. It makes the story feel less Tintinesque, which I guess reinforces the point made at the start of this thread.

I don't really think that an actual murder makes it feel less like a Tintin story. There are plenty of instances as far as I can remember. For example in The Broken Ear alone, there's Mr. Balthazar, Tortilla and even the two main villains who apparently died.
#42 · Posted: 16 Mar 2024 23:20
While the lack of fatalities might have an explanation (underaged public, necessity to reuse characters), sometimes it's plainly absurd.
Like when Allan threw a grenade, which only damaged Rastapopoulos's clothes. He should have been severely injured by the explosion and shrapnel.

True, but it seems like Hergé sometimes played situations which would have been serious in real life for laughs.
Besides, he couldn't have killed Rastapopoulos off in the middle of the story.

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