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Pictures of the Tintin mural at Stockel station, Brussels

#1 · Posted: 11 Oct 2012 12:37 · Edited by: Moderator
This is my first post on this forum, This summer me, my wife and our 10 year old Tintin fan Arun had a wonderful time doing Tintin trail in Brussles.
We have made a video incorporating all the murals on both side of the underground station. It can be viewed at Tintin mural at Stockel, Brussels.

Hope everybody enjoys the video. Cheers
#2 · Posted: 12 Oct 2012 00:33
Good work well done, a true Tintin believer.
I thoroughly enjoyed it. Don't you just love walking around in Brussels and then you turn a corner, and voila! another cartoon mural.
That is so enjoyable.
All the best to you and your family.
#3 · Posted: 5 Feb 2019 14:11
Ah... This is why I would love to visit Brussels one day.

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