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Future of Tintin? [Locked]

Aryan Tiwari
#1 · Posted: 26 Oct 2018 22:08 · Edited by: Moderator
Does anyone have an idea of the future of this whole thing? What are your predictions? Who will own Moulinsart in say, 50 years? Is there going to be new album releases, is there going to be more Tintin merchandise? Is there, any potential of monuments in the future of Tintin? Any major plans for the future of this forum?

Just had some questions in mind, I'm extremely sorry if such a topic has been discussed before. Was really curious as to see various opinions of members of this forum. Just wanted to see where all this is heading.

Moderator Note: Where to begin? You are introducing so many unknowns and variables that it just isn't possible to answer them in any meaningful way, let alone contain them in a single thread. We ask that members limit the content of a thread to a single issue or idea, and you have linked together things which can't be defined ("an idea of the future of this whole thing"), to predictions of who will own an entity in fifty years time (not even stock-market experts armed with the powers of Mme. Yamilah could do that), to what are the future plans of this forum (We will keep going as best we can while we are able? We will have taken over the world? We will be based on the moon?)...

And of course - as we suspect your closing comments actually show that you know - many of the points which might prove open to useful discussion on their own, have already got threads of their own, which really are the best places to carry on any debate left in them (so we are locking this new thread). You could try starting with:

When does copyright over Tintin expire?
Is it time for official new Tintin adventures?
New Authorized Tintin Adventure Coming - in 2052!

The Tintinologist Team

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