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Graham Greene and Tintin

UK Correspondent
#1 · Posted: 22 Oct 2020 10:33 · Edited by: Richard
I thought I'd share this anecdote from a new biography of the writer Graham Greene. In December 1951, Greene was in Vietnam and found himself caught up in an attack from Viet Minh guerilla fighters:
Catholics and Buddhists from the town sheltered in and around the cathedral, bringing with them whatever they treasured – photographs, pots, pans, pieces of furniture. A friend of Greene's from an earlier visit, a Belgian priest named Willichs, had perched in the bell tower and was reading his breviary. With mortars firing and planes dropping bombs and supplies, a distressed Greene, thinking that this day he might die, asked to have his confession heard [...] On this memorable occasion in Phat Diem, he was given as a penance one 'Our Father' and one 'Hail Mary', and the priest handed him a Tintin book so that he would have something to read.

Source: Russian Roulette: The Life and Times of Graham Greene by Richard Greene
#2 · Posted: 23 Oct 2020 14:06
That's interesting. I wonder which Tintin book it was, and if Graham Greene appreciated it. (Not sure which one would be most distracting or comforting to read in an active war zone!)
#3 · Posted: 16 Nov 2020 00:46
Interesting indeed! I've read most of Greene's books and liked most of those that I read. If I reread them someday I'll probably be looking for any signs of Tintin's influence.

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