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Journal Tintin - spécial 77 ans...

#1 · Posted: 22 Sep 2023 17:47
...Or to give it the full, less snappy, title: "Journal Tintin - spécial 77 ans: Numéro spécial 77 ans. L'hommage des auteurs et autrices d'aujourd'hui aux personnages mythiques du journal Tintin".

I'm sure this has been discussed already, unless my dreams have now descended (ascended?) to foruming while asleep, but I cannot find the thread anywhere. If so, apologies, and I've just dropped by to say there's quite a lengthy extract on Amazon. In fact I think there are two volumes, the first out now and the second in November but that might just be a hardback as the extract on the Lombard site shows the same content for both.

Of course there's no new Tintin content but there are a lot of tributes to other classic characters by modern creators. Naughty Alix...

#2 · Posted: 24 Sep 2023 13:04
This is part of the celebration of the 77th anniversary of the publishing firm Lombard.

Lombard was founded 77 years ago by Raymond Leblanc in 1946 and one of its first publications was the weekly "Tintin magazine".

"Tintin magazine" was dubbed "Le journal des jeunes de 7 à 77 ans" - "The Magazine for Young People aged 7 to 77".

Among the series published in "Tintin magazine" was "Zig et Puce", created by Alain Saint-Ogan who, when he turned 78, asked if he was still allowed to read "Tintin magazine". He was, of course, granted permission. :)

There have been other publications to mark the occasion: "La Grande aventure du journal Tintin" ("The Great Tintin Magazine Adventure") was released earlier this month. It is made up of 777 pages!

This apparently contains not just extracts but also full adventures as they were originally published in the magazine. They include the Jo, Zette and Jocko adventure "Stratonef H22". As ever with Herge, some of the pages were redrawn between the magazine and book publication.

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