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Tintin Albums: The back cover designs

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#11 · Posted: 3 Jun 2024 23:28
don't know whether this is the right place - is there a topic on the blue-and-white portrait drawings in the inside covers of the (Casterman French) hardcover books?

At the risk of cross-posting - I just added a note in the Introduce yourself thread, saying that our guide to the portrait gallery is available on our Facebook page.

As for an existing topic, discussion about the endpaper gallery portraits can be had here, in its own thread.

Once again, welcome to the forums, Doctor Ridgewell!
#12 · Posted: 4 Jun 2024 20:16
jock123 Thank you for your response and the kind welcome. Just Ridgewell though, not as highly educated as my namesake. If at all, I'd be Captain Ridgewell. :D
I found the thread after posting my question (I had tried some search terms, but "end papers" never crossed my mind), and even tried opening the Facebook page (I deleted my DARPA membership a couple of years ago), but it didn't work.
You definitely beat me to my endeavour.

One of the most conspicuous portrays that I couldn't identify was Tom, whom I didn't remember, as I only read Congo once about 40 years ago. He has an interesting face, very different from the other Hergé characters, yet clearly one of them.

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