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Belvision: Are the cartoons available?

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#11 · Posted: 9 Jul 2005 02:02
It was released last year on DVD. I was surprised when I discovered this site, how rare the Belvision series was, cause were I live, the series was in print for years, on VHS. The Videos had Icelandic dubbed, but the DVDs have english as an objional language, no french sountrack though. The DVDs are great quality but there are no extras. All 10 releases still in print I think, but I'll check to be sure. Again, I am shocked how rare it is, I am sure the Icelandic company that released this has no idea. Funny. Objective Moon is 80 minutes btw, and Tintin goes to the moon to rescue Snowy :)
#12 · Posted: 9 Jul 2005 07:32
Also any chance of a link to an icelandic online DVD retailer, I'd love to get my hands on these!

Moderator Emeritus
#13 · Posted: 30 Jul 2005 10:52
I wonder if Iceland Air offer a Tintinologist discount !
#14 · Posted: 4 Jul 2006 02:10
1 May 2013 12:16 - Merged topic:
Belvision: Are the cartoons available?

Does anyone have any episodes of Tintin from the 60s ? are they commercially available ?
I'm looking for the original 5 minutes episodes.
After a VERY long search I managed to find 1 (5 minutes) episode from this series and from what I understand they are very rare :)
If anyone has any 60s episodes please leave me a message here.

In the meantine, here are some pictures from the intro: [links to images have been removed as they no longer work]
#15 · Posted: 5 Jul 2006 09:54
Hi 60sTintin! Welcome to the site!

As far as I know, the actual five minute episodes have never been made available: the stories were also available as compilations, and this is how they have been offered.

Unfortunately we cannot allow the exchange of pirate material which might fall foul of Moulinsart, so you couldn’t get the five minute versions through this site.

The three Belvision animated features (if you count The Calculus Case as a feature, as it too has been shown as a serial as well as in a compiled format) have been released on DVD by Anchor Bay in a boxed set which is usually quite easy to find.

The usual way of obtaining the other stories is through the second-hand market, as they have been released a few times on video-tape.

Trying charity shops or eBay is probably your best bet - they often only cost a couple of pounds, and there seems to be a steady supply.

There are other threads about the Belvision cartoons around the forums, such as this one, if you search.
#16 · Posted: 9 Jul 2006 16:35

I don't know where to find the 5 minute episodes as here in Germany they were shown as half hour episodes and released on video as full films.
BTW, did anyone of you get his hands on the Icelandic release? I'm still trying to get it, but I don't know how.

#17 · Posted: 25 Aug 2006 18:55
First part of this post moved.

The 5-minute series were never made available as they were, but were compiled into feature lengh videos. Check ebay as they usually have some.

Ray Faiola
#18 · Posted: 29 Dec 2008 19:09
I actually have all the TinTin stories in chapter form. Unfortunately, I was the second person interested in buying these film reels and someone before me "sampled" them. So most of the stories are missing some chapters. I do have OBJECTIVE MOON / ESPIONAGE and BLACK ISLAND complete. Also, during the years I watched the episodes on WABC in New York I had never seen THE CALCULUS AFFAIR. Imagine my surprise when I found this was one of the stories among the reels of 16mm film.

Of course, SONY released all the films on VHS many years ago. But I guess the HBO films have superceded these.
Sgt Halibut
#19 · Posted: 6 Jun 2010 18:27
Following the very helpful response to my multiple queries by jock123 I followed the links he provided and did a lot more reading. I read of the search to find the DVDs made available in Iceland. Circa 2005

One enterprising person found an online retailer in Iceland.

I followed that - and discovered that the website is still active. And has a lot of Tintin product listed. Albeit under the Icelandic version of the name Tinni

Here is the site: http://bergvik.is/

I found the product by doing a search for "Herge"

And I got this result


Lots of apparent titles. Which in itself is confusing because I would have imagined that there would be a maximum of 7 or 8 titles. (Though perhaps some of these are the Nelvana titles - which would explain why there are so many titles)

Now my Icelandic is rather rusty... (!) (I did actually know a few words many years ago - courtesy of an exceptionally beautiful Icelandic lass - but alas both the girl and the vocabulary are long gone)

So - do we have anyone in Iceland who can help us?

What I would like to know is:

1) if the Icelandic DVD releases of all the Belvision films are still on sale in Iceland?

2) If so - do they still have the "English-language" option?

3) And then if they do - do the end credits yield any clues as to whether these were originally produced in the US or by the BBC in the UK?

4) And then - perhaps hardest to determine by noble Icelanders for whom there may be few distinctions between accents of the English, the Scots, the Americans - do Haddock and Thompsons sound like they are Scottish and upper-class English respectively? ie similar to the way we Brits heard these episodes in the 1960s and 1970s?

Maybe there are Brits living in Iceland who will read this post and can shed light.

Bottom line - I would be happy to purchase DVDs from Iceland - if they seemed to be what I'm seeking.

Perhaps there are other Forum members who have purchased DVDs from Iceland who can yield some light?

Many thanks to those who can assist on this
#20 · Posted: 6 Jun 2010 23:05
Sgt Halibut:
Now my Icelandic is rather rusty...

The Icelandic I did was actually Old Norse - and I wasn’t good at it! There certainly wasn’t any vocabulary for “DVD Soundtrack” in Njal’s Saga!
Sgt Halibut:
perhaps some of these are the Nelvana titles

I’d be prepared to bet that you will find that all of these are the Nelvana series - twenty titles, and they seem to match the series: it’s far more likely not to be the Belvision series, I’m afraid.
Sgt Halibut:
1) if the Icelandic DVD releases of all the Belvision films are still on sale in Iceland?

I think we have still to find anyone other than Muller who has seen the DVDs in question (and there have many similar enquiries to yours over the years), so it’s a bit hard to establish who produced them, catalogue numbers and associated details. If he could be persuaded to provide these, it might be possible to order them through a local retailer; however he has not been around these parts for some time, so it doesn’t seem likely to happen. Sadly that also leaves the possibility open that it was a mistake, a joke or a hoax. When on video, both the Belvision and Nelvana releases tended to use slightly adapted book-cover art, and this can make them difficult to distinguish - it may be that a DVD jacket might also be deceptive.

Sgt Halibut:
2) If so - do they still have the "English-language" option?

This would be good, I know, but the point above still stands - we’ve yet to get any concrete details of the release to show what was included.

Sgt Halibut:
3) And then if they do - do the end credits yield any clues as to whether these were originally produced in the US or by the BBC in the UK?

As said before, we’ve still to ascertain for sure that the BBC actually had anything to do with the dubbing; that aside, the episodes shown on BBC TV never had English credits (none of their dubbed series did, as I recall), just the Tele-Hachette/ Belvision card with a spoken overdub by the narrator.

So, while I too would welcome any information leading to the Belvision serials getting a new audience on DVD (they were the gateway to my enjoyment of Tintin), I wouldn’t get your hopes up too soon…

Update: Actually, clicking through on the titles from the Icelandic on-line store to the information pages for each story, gives a link from there to IMDB, and that shows the Nelvana series, so that seems to be fairly conclusive.

Still, I’ve sent the shop an e-mail to see if there is any word on the earlier DVDs (I tried this before, but got no response); if anything develops, I’ll let you know!

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