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Tintin on Screen: The third live-action film that never was...

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#1 · Posted: 26 Dec 2010 19:41
I have been doing a bit of research on the net and have discovered from Wikipedia and a few other sites that in 1967 Jean-Pierre Talbot was to star in another live-action film.

However I couldn't find any website to indicate what the story would have been.

Can anyone shed some light on this?.
Mikael Uhlin
#2 · Posted: 26 Dec 2010 20:15
I'm not sure of how far that project got, but not too far, I think. According to one source the film would take place in India, according to another Tintin would go to Canada. I don't know anything about the actual story, though.
#3 · Posted: 26 Dec 2010 20:20
Tintin in Canada. I can picture a snowy setting and a rescue. Tintin in India could also have been interesting - maybe he wouldn't have crashed into it this time! It's a shame neither was made.
#4 · Posted: 27 Dec 2010 00:57
Really? I thought they were going to adapt the Tintin theatre production concerning 'diamonds', into a movie. I can't remember the title.
Mikael Uhlin
#5 · Posted: 27 Dec 2010 08:40
That was called Tintin in India - The Mystery of the Blue Diamond, but I don't think they were going to use that rather simple story for the movie. I don't know for sure, though.
Rianna Lauren
#6 · Posted: 27 Dec 2010 15:06
Tintin in India sounds interesting, I would have liked to see how it turned out if they made that.
#7 · Posted: 27 Dec 2010 19:48
There's always an air of adventure when mentioning India+Adventure.
#8 · Posted: 1 Jan 2011 16:32
Mikael Uhlin:
according to another Tintin would go to Canada.

I would have loved to have Tintin visit my homeland.

I love the live-action film, and would like to have another one. However, "Blue Orange" was not a success in my opinion - it fells more like Tintin for people who don't know Tintin, so I don't know if a third one would have been an improvement, or if the series would have declined even more.
#9 · Posted: 4 Jun 2011 14:55
Wonder if we can clarify this doubt with Mr. Talbot himself.
Some of our esteemed brethren might know Mr. Talbot personally, and if so, would/ could someone throw more light on this issue?
#10 · Posted: 4 Jun 2011 16:14
Here's an article from the website of the Belgian daily newspaper "La Dernière Heure".

In it Talbot is quoted as saying (or stating in his autobiography) that a third film was planned and was to include filming in India, but that he was now pursuing a career as a teacher and insisted that he would no longer be acting since he now had to devote his time to his pupils and their futures. (Very commendable and selfless. Tintin may have been proud.)

His book "J'Étais Tintin au cinéma" (French for "I was Tintin in the Movies") might give a clue as to the plot, but it could be that it was still in the development stage and that there was no definite plan for a story.
With him pulling out, there was probably little point in going any further.

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