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"Unicorn" movie: Your reviews, having seen it. [Warning: Spoilers!]

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#121 · Posted: 19 Feb 2012 00:50
Calculus Affair:
Tintin’s socks weren’t white… :P

To be fair, Tintin's socks are black in the two books on which the film is mostly based, namely The Secret of the Unicorn and The Crab with the Golden Claws, as they also are in the original versions of the preceding Tintin adventures. In the original strips, I think Tintin only starts wearing white socks in Red Rackham's Treasure, although the white socks were also retrospectively added to some of the earlier adventures when these adventures were redrawn and coloured in the late 40s and 50s.

So although I share most of your reservations about the movie, and have plenty more of my own besides, the black socks aren't one of them for me!
#122 · Posted: 19 Feb 2012 21:16
In the Art of The Adventures of Tintin, they actually talk about the color of Tintin's socks when discussing how they animated the character. They didn't choose the sock color at random. :-)

You can see the Asterix book in the trailers that show Haddock's quarters. (It's also on page 115 of the "Art of..." book.) Just to the left of the Captain's desk there's a red blob of a book with writing that looks like the font used in the Asterix books. The picture looks like a sail. I am almost positive that it's "Asterix and the Great Crossing."

What about the escape from the Karaboudjan? Wasn't that more exciting in the movie? Especially since Herge covered their actual escape in a few panels. "Mister Mate, the wireless operator! I just found him bound and gagged!" The next panel: "It's a rum thing, Mister Mate!... The longboat has vanished!"
#123 · Posted: 21 Mar 2012 02:56
I didn't like the movie one bit. reasons:

There is more you could add to this list.
#124 · Posted: 26 Mar 2012 02:49
I was really impressed how well the movie by Speilberg came out. It reminded me a lot of Indiana Jones.
Archie Haddock
#125 · Posted: 27 Mar 2012 03:21
Just a thought, but has anyone ever thought that the movie was a little too realistic? At some points I thought I was watching real people...What do you think?
#126 · Posted: 28 Mar 2012 01:02
Like many, I grew up reading the comic books as a child and then later in my teenage years the cartoon. Here are my two pence on the movie-

1. Plot : Sakharine as the villain? As Red Rackham's descendant? Having a pet falcon? The Bird Brothers were great villains in the comic and the story had a lot of mystery and intrigue in it - which this movie has zilch.

I just don't get why Spielberg felt the need to warp the story in the way that he did because it ruined it completely. Most importantly though, I fear Tintin could really be mutilated for a new generation of readers. There's two action scenes which are both straight out of Indiana Jones and that for me is the complete opposite of what Tintin is supposed to be - he's supposed to be a very precise, intelligent character not a loud Hollywood directed cretin who blows everything up.

2. Character Portrayal : Haddock is completely misrepresented from the books. How could they get this so wrong? Haddock comes off overacted, silly, unfunny and just plain annoying. And then Haddock does something that he never did in the comics. He gives some garbage speech about pushing through walls and being true to your self.

Tintin comes across as rather dull, boring, annoying, lifeless and just frustrating. Snowy is absolutely devoid of any personality.

The movie completely misses the beauty and cleverness of the comics and feels like it was made for an action-hungry ten year old Transformers fan instead of a fan of the comics. To take such a spectacular masterpiece and turn it into this typical American and Hollywoodish garbage is a slap in the face on Herge and on anyone who has ever read his books. It seems like they were so in love with their technological toys that they forgot the most important thing about the film - the story, the characters and respecting Herge.
#127 · Posted: 28 Mar 2012 02:18
I totally agree with you on pretty much everything! I did enjoy the film but when compared to the original books, there's simply no contest. I especially disliked the speech that Haddock gave in Bagghar, which you mentioned. First of all, Tintin wouldn't just give up like that. And the captain's speech was way too cheesy, not to mention completely out of character. I can't think of a single time in the entire book series where he did anything like that (please correct me if I'm wrong, though) and I felt that Spielberg really oversimplified the story (probably for children and the Tintin-deprived American audience) One thing I enjoyed a lot though was Hergé's cameo at the very beginning :)
#128 · Posted: 30 Mar 2012 14:59
Saw it twice. Simply awesome..... one movie I must say which is better than the book.
No let down what so ever.
Did also write a blog about it.
#129 · Posted: 3 Apr 2012 12:54
The movie completely misses the beauty and cleverness of the comics and feels like it was made for an action-hungry ten year old Transformers fan instead of a fan of the comics.

Exactly hopefully you don't get flamed for this.
Moderaor Note: Why would they? The thread has managed to support a wide range of opinions up to now; added to which the Mods don’t tollerate trolls and flaming. No need to worry…

However, on another point, we also try to avoid quoting other posts verbatim (which you had done, until it was edited down); just select a relevant portion to show to whom you are replying or responding, and quote that, not their post in it’s entirety. If you have a lot to say about various points, make a quote, make your response, then quote again, until you are finished.

What we do try to avoid doing is responding with a post which consists of a quote from someone else, and then an “I agree”, “yes”, “No” or whatever one or two word answer (such as “Exactlly!”). These are discussion forums, and we ask that posts be constructive, adding to the converstaion as a whole. One word posts are liable to be deleted, as they take up band-width for no real gain.

That’s not to say that you are not welcome to reply (far from it) just that we’d like to hear what you think, personally, in your own words.

The Tintinologist Team
#130 · Posted: 5 Apr 2012 12:44
Hi, yeah the same. I felt after i watched the movie. The movie skip so many things from the original comics. Many important things such as : at the end of the movies when they found the treasure inside the globe, the room should be muuch much bigger and at least 100 meters long. Not a small alley / small church like perspective. And the ship collector, sakharine is given too much of a role here. Overdue too much by spielberg i thing, way to much. The villains is the muray brothers which i thing are very-very important. They should be put in first place for the enemy. Secondly when tintin and haddock chase the red willys, the jeep not supposed to appear yet. its too much earlier and not the time to use it. And the green car, which is a triumph TR-3 A green which is not connected in major way with tintin personally in the whole 3 comics combined together. I'm very sad about these things.

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