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"Unicorn" movie: Your reviews, having seen it. [Warning: Spoilers!]

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#141 · Posted: 19 Jun 2012 15:59
TomicaLover, "Muray brothers?"

I think what TomicaLover meant is the Bird Brothers. I haven't read the newest Indonesian translation of Secret of the Unicorn, but I assume that's their new name from the most recent translation. I must admit that I am displeased with the newest translation.
Anyway, about the Red Willys Jeep, since the filmmakers tried to combine every element from every Tintin albums in this movie, I think it would be rather useless to argue about anachronisms or other things like that. The filmmakers did this to bring the fullest experience of Tintiniverse on screen (or well, at least they have tried! :D).
To add up, I am no expert of cars, but I think, aside from the anachronism compared to the albums, I don't think *that* type of Willys existed within 1940s can be categorized as anachronism.

Harrock n roll:
It bothered me a bit some months ago when there were some news sites suggesting that Tintin fans were 'divided' as to whether they liked the film, basing this on some of the posts in this very thread.

Sorry for have bothered you, Harrock. I don't mean to, really. I was just, err... trying to cool things down. Again, sorry in advance... >_<, because I don't mean to crack our unity as Tintinologist and Tintinophiles alike, of course. (And then again, sorry for making such an exaggerated apology. >_<')
Harrock n roll
#142 · Posted: 19 Jun 2012 16:55
Sorry for have bothered you, Harrock.

You haven't bothered me at all. Like I said, everyone is entitled to an opinion. It's when journalists cherry-pick comments from forums to put a particular spin on it that bothers me. It's quite common nowadays to read "fans are up in arms..." about something or other, and see quotes taken from online groups ("it's a complete disgrace and a load of rubbish", said one fan named xxbxr), even if most people don't agree with that opinion. My point was that a poll is always a better gauge of what people think rather than selective random online comments.

It's not a phenomenon exclusive to this forum, you can read this type of reporting about anyone or anything these days. Journalists, eh? ;-)
#143 · Posted: 24 Jul 2012 18:35
I liked the movie, I'm aware many people didn't like it. Of course I still prefer the original work from Hergé, but I don't think the movie is that bad.
#144 · Posted: 21 Oct 2014 09:23
I am re-watching the film, and it gets better with every viewing. A masterpiece that captures the magic of the albums perfectly.
Love it, can't wait for the sequel if it ever appears.

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