Prisoners of the Sun

Prisoners of the Sun
Tintin © Hergé/Moulinsart.

Original French title

Le Temple du Soleil

Publication history

First published in Tintin between 19/12 1946 and 22/4 1948. Published in book form in 1949 with some changes.

English edition

1990 - Mammoth (London). Colour. 62p. Paperback. ISBN: 0749704594.

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Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock have a kidnapping on their hands. Professor Calculus has vanished. His disappearance is certainly connected with an ancient curse of the Incas, and the trail leads to Peru. But everyone fears the vengeance of the Prince of the Sun and only Zorrino, the young orange-seller, will help them. High into the Andes they go, but the perilous journey ends in a dungeon and the prisoners face a hideous end. In this sequel to The Seven Crystal Balls. Tintin is involved in one of his strangest and most colorful adventures. [AR]


  1. On page 1 frame 1 (A1), the map of Peru is incomplete. The northern part of Peru is shown as part of Ecuador. Ecuador had made claims to this part of Peru, and the map Hergé used for reference must have been one published by Ecuador, not Peru. [EC]
  2. On page 15, Tintin's jump defies the laws of physics: if you jump off of a moving object, you will keep on moving forward until you land. Jumping off the moving train from where he was, Tintin should have landed farther--and crashed into the mountain. [EC]
  3. Pages 58 and 59 show a northern hemisphere solar eclipse instead of a southern hemisphere eclipse. The eclipse shown in the Tintin magazine version of the story is correct. [EC]

Title in other languages

  1. Arabic - Tantan fi nabad al-shams
  2. Basque - Eguzkiaren tenplua
  3. Bengali - Suryadeber Bandi
  4. Breton - Prizonidi an heol
  5. Catalan - El temple del sol
  6. Chinese - China: 太陽的囚徒 (Taiyang de qiutu) / Hong Kong and Taiwan: 太陽神的囚徒 (Taiyangshen de qiutu)
  7. Danish - Soltemplet
  8. Dutch - De Zonnetempel
  9. Farsi/Persian - Ma'badi khurshid
  10. Finnish - Auringon temppeli
  11. Galician - O templo do sol
  12. German - Der Sonnentempel
  13. Greek - O naos tou iliou
  14. Hebrew - A'sirei haShemesh
  15. Hungarian - A Naptemplom
  16. Icelandic - Fangarnir í Sólhofinu
  17. Indonesian - Tawanan Dewa Matahari [Indira edition] / Di Kuil Matahari [Gramedia edition]
  18. Italian - Il tempio del sole
  19. Japanese - 太陽の神殿 Taiyou no shinden
  20. Norwegian - Soltemplet
  21. Portuguese - O templo do Sol
  22. Provençal - Lou tèmple dóu soulèu
  23. Russian - Hram solntsa
  24. Serbo-Croatian - Hram sunca
  25. Sinhalese - Hiru dewole Sirakaruwo
  26. Spanish - El templo del sol
  27. Swedish - Solens tempel del 2
  28. Turkish - Günes mabedi
  29. Vietnamese - Tù nhân cùa Thán mât tròi

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