Flight 714

Flight 714
Tintin © Hergé/Moulinsart.

Original French title

Vol 714 pour Sydney

Publication history

First published in Tintin between 27/9 1966 and 28/11 1967.

Published in book form in 1968.

English edition

1968 - First UK edition.

1975 - Methuen Children's (London). 22cm. ISBN: 0416774202.

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Bound for an Astronautical Congress in Australia. Tintin, Snowy, Captain Haddock and Professor Calculus accept a lift in the private jet of Laszlo Carreidas, the millionaire who never laughs. The plane is hi-jacked, and the millionaire and his guests are landed on a Pacific island. Their old enemy Rastapopoulos awaits them. Using a truth drug on Carreidas, he hopes to extract the number of the millionaire's secret Swiss bank account, but, thanks to Tintin, his plans go strangely awry. [AR]


  1. Cameos: the reporter on page 62, frame 9 is, according to "Hergé - Correspondence", a young Tintin fan called Jean Tauré. He sent a picture of himself to Hergé and asked if he could add him in one of the books. He also expressed his wish to be shown shaking the Captain's hand. Hergé agreed, on the condition that it stayed a secret between them. [TT]
  2. Page 10, frames 2, 6 and 7: the orange cushion 'walks' from one seat to another to another. [EC]
  3. Translation of the Indonesian dialogues in the book: [Translations by R. Hadi]
    • Page 15 frame 2:"Kurang adjar! Apa tidak bissa djaga sajapoenya lajar! Apagilah!" = What bad manners! Can't you look out for my sails! Crazy!
    • Page 41 frame 1: "Brenti!...Brenti la!" = Stop!...Stop!
    • Page 41 frame 2: "Disana...Diatas batu karang...Lihatlah tanda dewa-dewa terbang inidiatas kereta-kereta berapi." = There...On that coral... Look at the carving of flying gods on fiery vehicles.
    • "Itu betul." = That's correct.
  4. Page 19, frame 5: the cigar Rastapopoulos smokes is a cigar of the Pharaoh with the Kih-Oskh symbol. [EC]
  5. Page 20, frame 2: Rastapopoulos' ring is missing. [EC]
  6. Page 22, frame 1: Tintin's shirt collar was a mess after the struggle on page 19; however, now while his hands are still tied, his collar has somehow been straightened. [EC] Tintin's collar is also shown straightened on page 20 frame 6. [LS]
  7. Page 48, frames 5 and 7: Allan's leather wrist band, which he wears on his right wrist throughout the story, shifts to his left wrist. [EC]
  8. Page 50, frames 5 and 6: in frame 5, Spalding carries a cord coiled around his shoulder. In the original edition, there was no cord in frame 6 ( this was later corrected, but not in the right colour). [EC]
  9. On page 62, last frame: Haddock carries a copy of "Le Soir", a famous Belgian newspaper. During World War II, Hergé worked for this Nazi-controlled paper, which later caused him some problems.
  10. Page 24, frames 11 and 12: Carreidas is younger in the English edition than in the French original. According to Michael Farr, the English translators changed Carreidas' age. In the French original, the date is "12 September 1903", but in the English edition, it is 1910. [EC]
  11. Uncoloured (white) area shown in page 24, frame 1. [LS]
  12. The writing on the side of the aircraft shown on page 1, frame 1, reads: "AUSTRALIA'S OVERSEAS AIRLINE QANTAS"; however, it is changed to "AUSTRALiA'S OVERSEAS AiRLiNE QANTAS" in the final frame of the story. [LS]

Title in other languages

  1. Afrikaans - Vlug 714
  2. Basque - Sidneyrako 714 hegaldia
  3. Bengali - Flight 714
  4. Bernese German - Flug 714 uf Sydney
  5. Breton - Nij 714 da Sydney
  6. Catalan - Vol 714 a Sydney
  7. Chinese - 714 航班(714 hangban)
  8. Danish - Flight no. 714 til Sydney
  9. Dutch - Vlucht 714
  10. Farsi/Persian - Parvazi 714
  11. Finnish - Lento 714
  12. Galician - Voo 714 para Sidney
  13. German - Flug 714 nach Sydney
  14. Greek - Ptisi 714 tia Sydney
  15. Hebrew - Tisa 714
  16. Icelandic - Flugrás 714 til Sydney
  17. Indonesian - Penerbangan 714 [Indira edition] / Penerbangan 714 Ke Sydney [Gramedia edition]
  18. Italian - Volo 714 destinazione Sydney
  19. Japanese - シドニー行き714便 Sydney yuki 714 bin (pronounced Shidonii yuki nanahyaku juuyon bin) - There was some confusion as to the pronunciation of the Japanese title for Flight 714 - one reader said it should be "Sydney iki 714 bin", not "Sydney yuki 714 bin". Native speaker Chikahiro Masami and Tokyo-based author, writer and journalist Mark Schreiber, who speaks fluent Japanese, have both confirmed the correct pronunciation: Shidonii yuki nanahyaku juuyon bin. Schreiber explained: "It's definitely yuki, not iki-- it is a standard airline expression and no adult native speaker would read it otherwise." [26 Jan 2007]
  20. Malay - Penerbangan 714
  21. Norwegian - Flight 714 til Sydney
  22. Portuguese - Voo 714 para Sidney
  23. Serbo-Croatian - Let 714 za Sidnej
  24. Sinhalese - Guwan Gamana 714
  25. Spanish - Vuelo 714 para Sidney
  26. Swedish - Plan 714 till Sydney
  27. Turkish - Sidney'e 714 sefer sayili uçus
  28. Vietnamese - Chuyén bay 714

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