Tintin and the Picaros

Tintin and the Picaros
Tintin © Hergé/Moulinsart.

Original French title

Tintin et les Picaros

Publication history

First published in Tintin between 16/9 1975 and 13/4 1976.

Published in book form in 1976.

English edition

1977 - Methuen (London). Colour. 64p. 30cm. Paperback. ISBN: 0416579906.

1990 - Mommoth (London). Paperback. ISBN: 0749704713.

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  1. "Picaro" means scoundrel in Spanish.
  2. Page 3, frame 4/A4: Jolyon Wagg may have forgotten to turn the pages of his calendar since the previous November. The Picaros adventure opens in February. [EC and LS]
  3. Page 54, last frame: The street "Calle 22. de Mayo" corresponds with Hergé's birthday: 22 May. [TT]
  4. Page 54, last frame: Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Asterix, Snoopy, Groucho Marx, Zorro, characters from Bob de Moore's books: Barelli. [TT]
  5. The first page of the book was already coloured when an error was discovered. The carnival is in February and the begining of the book showed fields as if it was summer. This was corrected in the final version. [BP page 175]
  6. In this adventure, Tintin wears long brown bell-bottom pants, instead of the usual knickerbockers.
  7. The Landrover on page 25, frame 2, is the only vehicle with right-hand steering; all other vehicles have left-hand steering. Was the Landrover a direct UK-import? [MZ]
  8. The pyramid appearing on the cover is called Hotuatapotl, or Hot-Water-Bottle. [PD]
  9. Page 60, frame 2: in the French edition, the two detectives get themselves confused. Dupond (straight moustache) says: "Un Dupont (should be Dupond) veut voir la mort en face!" Dupont (pointed moustache) says: "Un Dupond (instead of Dupont) veut voir la fort en masse!" [EC]
  10. Herge made 63 pages when he first made the book, as a result one of them had to be cut out. The image below shows the redundant page. It can be found on page 19 of Le musee imaginaire de Tintin.
    Page 63 of Tintin and the Picaros 
  11. Frame 2 : Sponsz: "This time I will crush them! ... I will crush them like ..."
    Frame 3 : Sponsz: "... I crush this glass!"
    Frame 6 : Colonel: "Hehehe!"
    Frame 7 : Sponsz: "Do you think that was funny Colonel?"
    Frame 8 : Colonel: "Me...? No at all, Colonel... Not at all! Hehehe! Sorry, it's my nerves..."
    Frame 9 : Sponsz: "Well, you may leave... and send, you know who, in..." Colonel: "Very well, Colonel!"
    Frame 10 : Sponsz: "By Kurvi-Tasch's (Plekszy-Gladz's) beard! He might tell everybody that I broke the bust on purpose..."
    Frame 11 : Sponsz: "Colonel!"
    Frame 12 : Sponsz: "Er... regarding your promotion..." Colonel: "Yes, Colonel?"
    Frame 13 : Sponsz: "Don't think I have forgotten it." Colonel: "Thank you, Colonel!" Sponsz: "You'd better make sure that clumsy cleanning lady that broke Kurvi-Tasch's (Plekszy-Gladz's) beard gets fired." Colonel: "Very well, Colonel!"
    Frame 14: Sponsz: "Very good!... Send in our man..."
    Page 22 of Tintin and the Picaros
  12. The coat of arms seen on the caps of officers, which features two moustaches and a star on a golden tobacco leaf, is the same as the ''Flor de Matraz' cigar logo, seen on the tobacco shop window, on page 20 (last frame); the same logo can also be seen on a card held by the "King" mannequin seen on page 59, frame 6-7 and page 60, frame 1. [LS]
  13. This Tintin adventure was published in Brazil and in Portugal, in the 1980s (in a Brazilian edition), as Tintim e os Timpanos. [P. Lucas]
  14. Page 8, frame 2: Nestor's jacket (shown under text balloon) is dark red instead of white. [LS]
  15. Page 26, frame 9: Snowy's tongue is yellow instead of red. [LS]

Title in other languages

  1. Basque - Tintin eta Pikaroak
  2. Bengali - Biplabider Dangale
  3. Catalan - Tintin i els Picaros
  4. Chinese - China: 丁丁与流浪汉 (Dingding yü liulang han) / Hong Kong and Taiwan: 丁丁與叢林戰士 (Dingding yü conglin zhanshi)
  5. Danish - Tintin og Picaroene
  6. Dutch - Kuifje en de Picaro's
  7. Farsi/Persian - Dar sarzamini piykargaran
  8. Finnish - Tintti ja Picarot
  9. Galician - Tintín e os Picaro's
  10. German - Tim und die Picaros
  11. Greek - O Tentén kai oi Pikáros
  12. Hebrew - Tintin Ve'Ha'Picaros
  13. Icelandic - Tinni og Pikkarónarnir
  14. Indonesian - Tintin dan Picaros
  15. Italian - Tintin e i Picaros
  16. Japanese - タンタンとピカロたち Tintin to Pikaro tachi
  17. Norwegian - Tintin og Picaroene
  18. Portuguese - Tintim e os Picaros. See also Trivia section #13 above.
  19. Spanish - Tintin y los Picaros
  20. Swedish - Tintin hos Gerillan
  21. Turkish - Tenten ve Pikarolar
  22. Vietnamese - Tintin nhûng nguòi Picaros

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