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Alph-Art: Tintin and Martine

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#51 · Posted: 12 Sep 2016 23:38
it's not a common accurance in Tintin, that a girl asks him to dinner to meet her parents.

No, that isn't Hergé, that was fan fiction; in the version of the book by Hergé (which doesn't get anywhere near having an end) it isn't even clear that Martine Vandezande is a young girl - she could easily have been meant to be a middle aged or old woman.
As I said way back in the thread near the start, we can't rule anything out for the book, and Hergé may have had all sorts of plans for her. However, we also can't count anything in either, so the possibility of a romance just doesn't come from anything which has been published from the original material by Hergé.

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