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Crystal Balls/ Prisoners of the Sun: Chiquito - Good or bad?

#1 · Posted: 13 Jan 2007 15:51
I haven't read the book for a long time and the Swedish dubbing changes some dialogues so it's really confusing sometimes. I know Chiquito did everything about the crystal balls but why did he help Tintin & Co. in Prisoners of the Sun. He gave Tintin something that would protect him from danger. Why did he do that instead of making things worse??
#2 · Posted: 13 Jan 2007 16:01
I suppose you rather mean Huascar, the Indian moved by Tintin's generosity towards Zorrino (Prisoners, p.19), gave T. a protecting talisman (p.20) that would in the end save Zorrino himself (p.50).
#3 · Posted: 13 Jan 2007 18:53 · Edited by: Moderator
When I was little I always thought that they were two different people but when I saw it again some days ago I was confused. Huascar had different eyes than Chiquito. But I got fooled by the costume. And it is on my old VHS tape. And I is not often getting opportunity to use the only VHS in my home. Who was the guy on Pachacamac who held Calculus prisoner? I always thought that was Chiquito because of the face and then thought that the other guy also was Chiquito because the clothes looked like the one the guy on the boat had + a hat. Now it's not that confusing.

Edit: Just looked at Tintinologists.org's Character Guide. It's better than tintinilou.free.fr because it has more information. The guy on the boat was Chiquito. I'm feeling so stupid right now. I think the clothes have resemblance and in the Swedish dubbing Huascar and Chiquito's voice must be of the same voice actor since their voice sounds almost exactly like the other one.

Edit 2: I see that it is more people who have mixed them up.

"Chiquito appears as the help of General Alcazar (under the stage name "Ramon Zarate") in The Seven Crystal Balls. Later, in Prisoners of the Sun, it is revealed that he is the High Priest of the Sun God of an Inca temple in Perú. One night in Calculus's friend Hercules house, Chiquito hides himself in the trees after casting a spell on Hercules. In the morning, Calculus become kidnapped by Chiquito and his men. Chiquito takes then the professor to Perú and Tintin and Captain Haddock travels after.

Chiquito is known to be a practitioner of black magic. He casts a spell on all seven members of the Sanders-Hardiman expedition, and holds them in a drug-induced trance. He is also able to torture them remotely from his temple. His real name is Rupac Inca Huaco and he is one of the few remaining descendants of the Incas."

http://www.search.com/reference/Minor_characters_in_The_Adventures_of_ Tintin?redir=1

Edit 3: I just listened to the CD and it is more obvious now. The voices are different from the other and Huascar has more dialogue.

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#4 · Posted: 13 Jan 2007 22:31 · Edited by: yamilah
In the original version:
Chiquito (Alcazar's companion)
= Rupac Inca Huaco (in Calculus' cabin, aboard the Pachacamac)
= Huaco (in the temple, then invocating the sun, finally burning the wax statues and becoming a goodie).

Those 'sometimes not so sympathetic*' Indians -priests who implicitly do not belong to the military*- have names that likely don't really matter, as shown by Tintin, who makes a mistake about Huaco the invocator: from the pyre, our hero calls him 'Huascar', the name of the Indian who is busy with the magnifier...
#5 · Posted: 16 Jan 2007 19:31
Thank you for the info. I've read that you see one shot of Chiquito in the book when Tintin & Co is in the temple talking to "The Incas". Could someone post a picture of that shot? I would really like to see how Chiquito looked like.

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