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Tintin in the Congo: Extra Scene in Petit Vingtième 25/06/31?

#1 · Posted: 23 Nov 2007 13:09
Hi, there. I was looking at the various copies of "Le Petit Vingtième" for sale on Ebay and came across this interesting item.

It's from the twenty-fifth of June, 1931; the week after "Tintin au Congo" ended (or at least the week after the traditional ending). If you scroll down to where pictures of the item are and click on the double-page spread - also take note of the cover which has one Arab saying: "By the beard of the prophet!... That huge bird you see up there, it’s the famous young Tintin’s plane, who’s returning to the country of Belgium!" and then his colleague replies in Hergé's improvised "Arabic" - anyway, if you click on the double-page it looks like it has Tintin's plane landing and having a talk with the Arabs on the cover. Now, while certainly not in the usual comic strip format (excepting the two rather nice drawings at the bottom of each page) it looks like it continues the story, in a way.

The head of the double-pages reads "By Special Wireless Telegraph"; and I can just make out at the end of the dialogue the French for "End of transmission".

Now does anyone know anything about this? Or does anyone happen to have a copy of this issue? What exactly are the contents? ... I realize I probably won't get any answers to those questions, but...
#2 · Posted: 19 Dec 2011 21:39
Kind of delayed, but I can get back to you by the end of December(not definitely). I have purchased a copy of the English black-and-white edition, but it hasn't arrived. When I'm done reading it, I may answer.
#3 · Posted: 19 Dec 2011 21:58 · Edited by: jock123
While your enthusiasm is appreciated, calculite, if you look at Borchtisov’s post, the episode to which he refers takes place after the end of the adventure. It’s a coda to the adventure in the original Petit Vingtième issue mentioned, and as such isn’t included in any version of the album, and hasn’t been made available in English.

It purports to be the transcript of a radio transmission from Tintin and Snowy, flying over the Sahara in a ’plane called the “Vol au Vent”, which has been recieved by the editorial staff at the XXeme.

It mentions “Uncle Joe”, who was a staff writer, and Hergé (who himself has a Captain Haddock-type moment, and is heard to shout “Parasites!”).

The ’plane has to land in the desert because the radiator has run dry, at which point they are intercepted by Berbers; in a somewhat patronising passage, the Tuareg tribesmen think that Tintin and Snowy have been sent to them by God from heaven, and prostrate themselves on the ground. They then give the travellers water to refill the radiator, and at that point they take off and fly back to Brussels.

It’s an odd little incident, and is basically a piece of filler, comprising two half pages of text and two illustrations (plus a cover) by Hergé. It was followed by a two-page spread the following week of a bull-fight being disrupted as the ’plane flies over Spain.

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