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Mistakes and Sorts not in the Guides for Tintin Books

#1 · Posted: 28 Mar 2017 01:54
I was reading Flight 714 yesterday and noticed these mistakes and facts not found in the trivia -

1. Page 24, frame 1. Blank space in between the NO! NO! NO!s.

2. Page 27, frames 11 and 12. If Snowy has been with Captain Haddock ever since the 9th adventure (Crab with the Golden Claws), how come it takes that long to sniff him out?

3. Frame 10, page 28 onwards to frame 2 of page 29 - Captain Haddock was holding Carreidas's hat, then "shot down between" some tree roots and is seen without the hat in his hands. How did he get the hat back so quickly?

4. Frame 11, page 29. Snowy is pointing, with his paw, to the bunk where Carreidas, Rastapopolous and Krollspell is.

5. Frame 8, page 30. If Captain Haddock is now holding two guns, and he doesn't seem to have large pockets or a bag, where can he store Carreidas's hat?

6. Frame 2, page 34. If Captain Haddock is taller than Tintin, how can Allan's shot fly over his head?

7. Final frame of page 38 and first frame of page 39. Amount of leaves changes.

8. Frame 4, page 43. Haddock's hairstyle changes slightly and stays like that for the rest of the book.

9. Frame 8, page 43. When the statue reveals the passage, Snowy falls down in shock.

10. Frame 2 and 3, page 54. Shape or amount of rock changes.

11. Frame 4, page 59. A spiral on Snowy's head makes it look like he's also hypnotised, but it is revealed on the final page that he isn't hypnotised.

12. In the original Tintin magazine, Rastapopolous's outfit was blue.

Tintin in America -

1. The lines on the wall, when the Tintin dummy is sitting in the armchair, are not straight.

The Tintin in America was done by memory, and Flight 714 was done with both memory and the book.

I'll update this with Picaros next!
#2 · Posted: 28 Mar 2017 17:45
Right, quick interruption here: we appreciate the enthusiasm, and effort which has gone into compiling your list, but we'd ask that you don't take it any further in this manner.

We've had such threads in the past, and they really don't work - it is very difficult to keep track of what point is being made, and it's very difficult to answer in a way which is clear and useful.

That's why we run the system of identifying points for discussion on a book-by-book basis, with the name of the book in the subject line, followed by the point being highlighted.

It's especially difficult when making claims for "mistakes" (I don't know what the "sorts" part of your heading means, I'm afraid), as that covers a multitude of thing: some are errors by Hergé, some are errors arising out of printing faults, and some aren't faults at all when discussed. That's why we need to separate the points out.

So your first point about the white space is a simple printing error, and not in early copies of the book or the original magazine version.

I'd say point 3 was very much open to interpretation: he doesn't get the hat back quickly, he just didn't have it in his hands while he was climbing back out (it would have been harder to explain how he climbed up out of a hole while holding a hat), and probably stuck it in his pocket or tucked it in the belt of his trousers.

Point 12 is also not really a mistake or error - it's just a change between comic and book.

So, when I have a moment, I will break this up into separate threads, so that other people can have a think about what you are saying, and chip in with answers, clarifications, points of view, etc.; if you want to follow up with more of your finds in Picaros - great, but make a new thread for each point!

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