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Tintin in Tibet: general discussion

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#1 · Posted: 11 Apr 2005 16:35 · Edited by: Moderator
I must say that this is the book which completely amazed me for it's drawings than the other books.The shading of the mountains in the background is perfect and I was really awed to see the nut-bolts of the plane's engine in that crash picture. The story is great (although not convincing to many due to Blessed Lightning's predictions) and keeps you hooked on. My favourite one! Anyway, I thought about starting this thread beacuse of the fact that many people here like it the most.
Moderator Emeritus
#2 · Posted: 11 Apr 2005 17:05 · Edited by: tintinuk
It's certainly a great book and as everyone knows, it contains one of only two occasions on which Tintin cries in the adventures (both occasions are to do with Chang !) The purity of the book is startling, in my opinion and is so unlike any other Tintin book, as no crime is involved - unless you count the plane crash - blame Sari Airways ! ;o)

Definitely one of the best !
#3 · Posted: 11 Apr 2005 23:26
I love Tintin in Tibet, it IS my most favourite Tintin book.... Beside all the others.... :) My favourite scene was when the Captain was hanging precariously on the end of the rope with Tintin holding on for dear life........ so thrilling..... the first time i read it my Dad was calling me for dinner and i just couldn't put it down!

I have a question though.... what WAS the deal with the Captain's feet in the monastary when he was trying to get his shoes on......... it baffles me..........

But it's undeniable, the artwork was brilliant. I can spend half the time reading the book just looking at the pictures. I so want to buy it!
#4 · Posted: 12 Apr 2005 14:35 · Edited by: snafu
what WAS the deal with the Captain's feet in the monastary when he was trying to get his shoes on......... it baffles me..........

I think that Herge was trying to at least integrate some humor into this otherwise very serious story. It looks like a stylistic thing...

Anyway, it is interesting to note that Captain Haddock gets the best publicity in this story. Here, he is ultimately for having a heart that "moves the mountains". I don't recall Archie getting so much praise elsewhere...

As with any other Tintin story, I greatly enjoy this one. But I have to agree that no other episode has such a personal tone, except, arguably, "Prisoners of the Sun".
#5 · Posted: 12 Apr 2005 17:09 · Edited by: OJG
I agree that Tintin in Tibet is probably the 'best' of the stories. That doesn't necessarily make it my 'favourite'-that depends on my mood!

It certainly is the most unique; there really isn't another Tintin story like it. The emotion behind it is touching. I think the fact that the adventure is based around Tintin's loyalty and love of a friend adds a whole new dimension to the series. The book also shows how close Tintin and Captain Haddock are too. The book is far more serious than the others (hence no appearances from the Thompsons, Castafiore or Wagg, and only a cameo from Calculus), but does have just the right balance of humour in it too.

I think that the monks help summarise the values of the story very well for us, and were superbly done. I also love the names they refer to the characters by- Great Heart, Powder Snow and Rumbling Thunder. The latter is fantastic in my opinion. I also like their own names, like Grand Abbott and particularly Blessed Lightning.

One fantastic piece of work.
#6 · Posted: 12 Apr 2005 18:58 · Edited by: Karaboudjan
I like 'Tintin in Tibet', but I can't say it's my favourite. It could be because it's so quiet and contemplative (I prefer the livelier books), with an unabashed sentimental streak. And I've never liked Chang. He may have been a tribute to Herge's friend but I always thought he was one of the most insipid and least interesting characters in the canon.

(The BBC radio play of 'Tintin in Tibet' is hilarious; not least Andrew Sachs' running commentary as Snowy. "I'd very much like to know why everyone's bald around here..." - It gets me every time!)

Yes, snafu, I was glad to have Archie's value recognised for a change. Even if he can't seem to remember the correct terms for address for a Grand Abbot. I agree his chief contribution to this story was to create humour; there was little of it elsewhere.

(He may be a social mountebank, but we love him!)
#7 · Posted: 13 Apr 2005 03:14
It's ok definatley personal but not in my top five.
Harrock n roll
#8 · Posted: 13 Apr 2005 12:18
OJG no appearances from the Thompsons, Castafiore or Wagg, and only a cameo from Calculus

Unless you count Castafiore's voice on the radio in the sherpa's tent as an appearance!
#9 · Posted: 14 Apr 2005 20:06
"Bianca Castafiore! She's here, by thunder!"

It's true she seems to be everywhere. Even the middle of the desert or on the side of a Tibetan mountain, you're not protected from her caterwauls.
#10 · Posted: 28 May 2005 07:17
Hi Friends,I can say i have some special reasons and following are few features of TINTIN in Tibet:
1)It highlights India as they catch a connecting flight to Nepal
2)They come to know of Indian lifestyles when Captain and tintin go in indian streets(Page-7 Frames 6 to 13 and Page 8 and Page 9)
Captain uaware of cattle's conditions in india stumbles upon it to clear the road.
3)They take time off to visit the world famous Qutub Minar(page 7 frame3) and Red fort(frame 4) Infact we should appreciate herge for having a deep world integration thoughts;whenever tintin visits any country he never misses that respective countries landmarks!
4)When he visits Nepal he is seen being scolded for a silly mistake in HINDI (page 11 frame 4)For the first time though in Nepal;HINDI has been used in TINTIN comics!Proud to be INDIAN!
5)It lets us know Madame Seneoras popularity even in the remotest mountains of Himalyas and also among the sub continent nations(India-Nepal-Tibet etc)
6)It lets us know about Tibetian Culture(Page 44 onwards)
7)For the first time the Indian Goddess-Mother Kali has been highlighted(Page 47 frame 9)

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