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#11 · Posted: 29 Apr 2015 15:27 · Edited by: jock123
Didn't Bob De Moor write some short Tintin stories running to one or two pages?

Yes - we've discussed at least one of them in the past: Les Gorilles de la Vedette ("Bodyguards to the Stars") was written as a little tribute to Hergé at the time of the unveiling of the statue of Tintin in Uccle.

did Moulinsart turn a blind eye to these short creations? Or were they unofficial pastiches?

They are not "official" in that they don't make up part of the canon, nor were they intended to to. However, Tintin magazine might as well have been the house magazine for the Studios in those days, so they had far more leeway to render jokes of this kind than anyone else would ever have.
Look on it as the work of a beloved employee playing a practical joke on a benevolent boss - the fact that it was done by someone who knew him, for a publication which was authorized by him, to mark a special occasion, doesn't mean that anyone else at any other time could do the same thing...
You also have to bear in mind that the final decision to stop creating new Tintin was not an instant one: it was thought at first that the work might continue on Alph-Art, and the studio staff were involved in commercial projects which had been undertaken while Hergé was alive. Producing the odd little cartoon for the journal might have been thought to be something to placate the readers, as well as carrying on the traditions of characters being combined for one off humorous pieces or appearing in little skits while Hergé had been alive. It was only when Mme Rodwell was presented with the paperwork for completion and publication of Alph-Art that consolidated her resolve to carry out Hergé's wish for Tintin to end with his death. This and the end of the magazine brought such outings to an end.
#12 · Posted: 19 May 2015 17:12 · Edited by: mct16
Les Gorilles de la Vedette ("Bodyguards to the Stars")

"Les Gorilles de la Vedette" would be more like "The Star's Bodyguards" since it is about Thompson and Thomson charged by their chief to act as Tintin's bodyguards and protect him from the crowds that mob him in the course of his adventures: from the mob welcoming him back to Brussels in "Soviets" to the scene with the monks in "Tibet" following the rescue of Tchang (with the Thomsons threatened by the Yeti).

We have scenes of Tintin from the books where crowds are present, while the Thomsons bungle their assignment: for example, while he meets the press at the end of "Black Island", they flee from Ranko the gorrila. When Tintin gets his medal from the King of Syldavia in "Ottokar's Sceptre", the Thomsons are shown in hospital following the incident with the chandelier.

Another "Tintin" by de Moor was a one-page strip drawn for a book called "Les Magiciens d'eau" ("The Water Wizards") which included strips from other artists such as Benoit and Juillard (who also worked on the re-launched "Blake and Mortimer" series), Jacques Tardi, Manara and Uderzo. It was published in 1987 for the benefit of the Fondation Daniel Balavoine, a charity which works on water projects in Africa.

In this strip, Calculus comes up with a product which turns all forms of liquid into pure water. Nestor is doing the washing-up when he finds that the water he's been using to do the dishes is pure and drinkable. Haddock then screams the house down when he finds that his whisky has been turned into water! "An all-out violation of human rights" is how he puts it. It concludes with Calculus going to Khemed and using his product on some newly-opened oil fields. As a result, water comes out of the rigs instead of oil, leaving Ben Kalish Ezab bemused.

This strip was published four years after Herge's death and is actually very well done.
#13 · Posted: 19 May 2015 18:15
To the best of my knowledge, Les Gorilles de la Vedette or Les Magiciens d'eau has never been published in English. will non- french fans of Tintin be able to read the same...ever?
#14 · Posted: 20 May 2015 09:36
"Les Gorilles de la Vedette" would be more like "The Star's Bodyguards"

Semantically there is no difference between what I wrote and what you have changed it to; stylistically your translation is missing the point that the formula "X to the Stars" to describe the relationship between a supplier of services and celebrities is a stock phrase (try Googling "Tailor to the Stars", and you will see it time and time again), with a slight whiff of pretension to it, so you actually lose something by translating it that way - as has been said before, one must translate for sense and intention, not just word for word... ;-)

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