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Paul Remi: Hergé’s relationship with his brother?

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#11 · Posted: 23 Apr 2013 01:30
If Uncle Georges was so intimidating, so unbearable to visit and such a trial to your father, would it not be more believable if nephew Georges played down the connection, rather than emphasized it?

That is an interesting point.
I'm a huge fan of cricket and everyone who is not even interested in the sport would know of Sir Donald Bradman.
He has been voted peerless as the greatest batsman to play the game.
It's like Babe Ruth of baseball, Michael Jordan of basketball and Muhammad Ali of boxing... the list goes on - you have heard of the name even if your not familiar with the dynamic of the sport.

It's interesting that Sir Donald's son John actually changed his surname during his adult life - from Bradman to Bradford (or similar?).

John just could not live with the stigma of Bradman's success/aurora I assume because of the constant recognition of being associated with someone so famous and held in such awe. He was apparently approached all the time which must have been unbearable at times I imagine...
Eventually he relented on this and reverted back to him original name same and does have active duties in his father's legacy now.

Jock I'm puzzled as you are with Georges Jr as his pattern does seem strange it is defiantly a contradiction of some sorts?
It's seems like he loves the limelight and wants to be a part of it in some way (have some of the glory and respect of having been associated with Herge?) but perhaps there are some long held resentments or issues that he just can't resolve or come to grips with.

Either way it is a bit of puzzlement one I'm sure we'll never know completely save a frank interview he may have at a later date...
Has his book touched on this? I'm yet to read as I'm still procrastinating with my French lessons :)

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