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Jacques Martin: Colleague of Hergé

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UK Correspondent
#11 · Posted: 13 May 2006 18:02
I've not read any of Martin's books but I'd be quite interested too - His attention to detail looks staggering, and as I studied the reign of Louis XIV for A-Level I wouldn't mind reading the Loïs books.

one of the 'big 4' of Tintin magazine (Jacques Martin, Edgar Pierre Jacobs, Bob de Moor, and top of the list, Hergé)

If you're looking for work by Hergé's collaborators, you might want to try Roger Leloup's books. The aviation wizard was responsible for most of the planes in the later books, especially the Carreidas 160 and all of the redrawn ones in The Black Island. He drew the series Yoko Tsuno, at least two of which has been translated into English - see this thread.

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