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A call of Tchang - but not as a name

#1 · Posted: 16 Dec 2010 19:56 · Edited by: Moderator
Click here to see the opening page of a comic book (the second thumbnail down on the right hand column) which I strongly suspect was inspired by the opening scenes of Tintin in Tibet, especially the one where Haddock accuses Tintin of sneezing when he causes the mass panic on page 2. Not exactly tasteful, but quite fun anyway.

Note to moderators: This one IS LEGIT! bdgest.com is a major website of French comics and is often used by publishers to show off previews of forthcoming comics in order to encourage people to buy them. This is a preview of "Kung-Fu Mousse: Branle-bas de combat en cuisine" (French for "Kung-Fu Mousse: Kitchen Battle Stations") by Nacho Fernandez.

Moderator Note:
Taking your use of capitals to be a sign of exuberance, rather than anything else, it’s never in question that members can link to places which legitimately promote and review books and other items.
However, linking straight to an image from someone’s site is generally seen as leeching - they get all the traffic, but none of the benefit. You should always link to where the image is available on the site, so that if they benefit from advertising or get revenue from click-throughs, they will get something for the extra visitors.
The post has been edited to reflect this accordingly.

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