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Asterix: What books have been published?

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#1 · Posted: 13 Aug 2004 17:08
I resently picked up a few copies of Astérix for a pretty low price, and I must say I like them (not as much as Tintin, of course), but I have a few questions:

1.) How many albums were made,

2.) What are they called,


3.) In what order where the published.

Thanks for any info,

#2 · Posted: 14 Aug 2004 00:16
G'day Gustav!
Answers to your questions:
a) 32
b) and c)
# Astérix le Gaulois, 1961 (Asterix the Gaul, 1969)
# La serpe d'or, 1962 (Asterix and the Golden Sickle, 1975)
# Astérix et les Goths, 1963 (Asterix and the Goths, 1974)
# Astérix gladiateur, 1964 (Asterix the Gladiator, 1969)
# Le tour de Gaule, 1965 (Asterix and the Banquet, 1979)
# Astérix et Cleopatre, 1965 (Asterix and Cleopatra, 1969)
# Le combat des chefs, 1966 (Asterix and The Big Fight, 1971)
# Astérix chez les Bretons, 1966 (Asterix in Britain, 1970)
# Astérix et le Normands, 1967 (Asterix and the Normans, 1978)
# Astérix Legionnaire, 1967 (Asterix the Legionary, 1970)
# Le bouclier arverne, 1968 (Asterix and the Chieftain's Shield, 1977)
# Astérix aux jeux olympiques, 1968 (Asterix at the Olympic Games, 1972)
# Astérix et le chaudron, 1969 (Asterix and the Cauldron, 1976)
# Astérix en Hispanie, 1969 (Asterix in Spain, 1971)
# La zizanie, 1970 (Asterix and the Roman Agent, 1972)
# Astérix chex les Helvêtes, 1970 (Asterix in Switzerland, 1973)
# Le domaine des dieux, 1971 (The Mansions of the Gods, 1973)
# Les lauriers de César, 1972 (Asterix and the Laurel Wreath, 1974)
# Le devin, 1972 (Asterix and the Soothsayer, 1975)
# Astérix en Corse, 1973 (Asterix in Corsica, 1979)
# Le cadeau de César, 1974 (Asterix and Caesar's Gift, 1977)
# La grande traversée, 1975 (Asterix and the Great Crossing, 1976)
# Obelix et compagnie, 1976 (Obelix and Co., 1978)
# Astérix chez les Belges, 1979 (Asterix in Belgium, 1980)
# Le grand Fossé, 1980 (Asterix and the Great Divide, 1981)
# L'Odyssée d'Astérix, 1981 (Asterix and the Black Gold, 1982)
# Le Fils d'Astérix, 1983 (Asterix and Son, 1983)
# Astérix chez Rah� zade, 1987 (Asterix and the Magic Carpet, 1988)
# La rose et le glaive, 1991 (Asterix and the Secret Weapon, 1991)
# La galère d'Obélix, 1996 (Asterix and Obelix all at sea, 1996)
# Astérix et Latraviata, 2001 (Asterix and the actress, 2001)
# Astérix et la rentrée gauloise, 2003 (Asterix and the class act, 2003)
#3 · Posted: 14 Aug 2004 13:59
There also was at least one Dogmatix story-book, a story-book of the “Twelve Tasks of Asterix” movie, and a story-book of “How Obelix Fell Into the Cauldron” (which had some nice versions of the characters as children). The Obelix one has been back in print, I think, but the the other two I don’t know about. I was spending my pocket money on Tintin, Jennings and Three Investigators books, so Asterix had to come from the library...
#4 · Posted: 14 Aug 2004 14:37
Thanks for the info. Appearently the Swedish publishers managed to mess up the publication orders again, just like Tintin!

Just one more question: Are they still making Astérix stories?

Trivia Challenge Score Keeper
#5 · Posted: 14 Aug 2004 14:59 · Edited by: edcharlesadams
As far as I know, yes. Rene Goscinny died 25 years ago but Albert Udzero (the artist) has been putting out new books recently. Whether they're as good as the Goscinny/Udzero originals is another matter...

PS - good to see another Jennings and Three Investigators fan, jock123! Very sad to hear that Anthony Buckeridge died recently.
#6 · Posted: 15 Aug 2004 01:30
edcharlesadams wrote: PS - good to see another Jennings and Three Investigators fan, jock123!

We've more Three Investigators fans - check out this thread:
#7 · Posted: 15 Aug 2004 09:15
Off topic, but Anthony Buckeridge can be heard as I type on BBC Radio 7, playing Mr Wilkins in a production of Jennings at School, played as a tribute to him. It gets a repeat later today and early hours tomorrow, and will be on the Listen Again feature for a week.
#8 · Posted: 17 Aug 2004 10:04
You can find out most stuff on Asterix at either these two sites

#9 · Posted: 18 Aug 2004 21:40
You can find out most stuff on Asterix at either these two sites

I’m off to Parc Astérix tomorrow for a couple of days, so hopefully I’ll find something there as well as on the ’net!
#10 · Posted: 20 Aug 2004 03:46
Let us know what its like!!
One day when I visit Europe, im going!!! (Have to get some money first though - but I can dream!!)

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