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How to create a comic book?

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#11 · Posted: 7 Jan 2012 15:53
we'd need to know if his 30s artwork was generally drawn bigger than his 1950s artwork to know if that was a factor.

He actually drew just slightly larger than A3 for most of his career, as far as can be told (a little difficult to gauge, as the dimensions given are often for the drawing sheet size, rather than the actual artwork on it, and these appear to have been cut down from larger boards, but “slightly larger than A3” seems to be about right).

The thinner- to thicker-line transition is quite subtle, and not, I think, universal. It might just be my eyes, but I was surprised to note that, recently re-reading the Moon books, whilst the line is definitely starting to thicken, Hergé appears to continue drawing a lighter line for Snowy, which makes for better comparison with the way he appears in Crab and Unicorn, say, than with Calculus Affair and Castafiore.

I think it may have been an attempt to suggest that Snowy is furry, as the bear cubs are also done in this potentially lighter line.

As I say, this may be my imagining, but it was how I saw it… ;-)
#12 · Posted: 8 Jan 2012 02:43
Thanks Balthazar and Jock.
I figured the inked page size from the photograph of his desktop in Goddin's book. There are a number of items on the desk adjacent to an inked page, including his glasses. I figure the width of the glasses on his desk would probably be 12cm, like mine, and went from there!
The later line was nice but I prefer the line from the period Prisoners of the Sun to the Calculus Affair.
I really don't like the small albums either, it really changes the books...
Are there any posts on the Jacobs colour method here?


Yes I am sure you are correct, not everyone uses the same method.
With Herge it seems impossible to see any faults in his line, although rereading his English versions I can see some typological errors!
There certainly is a difference between the Calculus Affair and the Red Sea Sharks. I prefer the former. Do you think the inked page size was a smaller page on The Red Sea Sharks?
Are there any articles here on the cinematic development of Herge's books? For instance the use of eye view space and placement is different in the Picaros and Castafoire, than say Crab.

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