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Are there Asterix pastiches?

#1 · Posted: 14 Feb 2010 17:40
Now we are very familar with Tintin pastiches. A simple google search is bound to give information about these pastiches.
Many of these pastiches/ parodies have been translated/ written in English. In spite of Moulinsart's best efforts pastiches/ parodies keep on coming.
But at the same time there are only very few pastiches of Asterix and to my knowledge , none in English.
Why is this. Both Asterix and Tintin are equally popular in this part of the world (India)- but there seems to be a tighter rein on things as far as Asterix is concerned. why is this?
#2 · Posted: 14 Feb 2010 22:43 · Edited by: blueskirt
Since most Tintin pastiches and parodies are of political or sexual nature, it certainly has something to do with Tintin's asexuality, his boyscout mentality and his lack of political positions which make him the perfect target for editorialists looking for an icon to vehiculate their messages and parodists wanting to have fun with the characters. Characters in Asterix are neither asexual, neither good characters to voice political messages.

As for the few serious Tintin pastiches, it probably has something to do with a need among some fans for new material. Save for the retelling of older stories in animated form, there hasn't been new adventures in 27 years and there's still none in sight. Asterix on the other hand still has new adventures every now and then, if one want new material, one just has to wait for the next book, not draw one himself.
#3 · Posted: 24 Feb 2010 01:00
If of interest there is a book called "Uderzo croqué par ses amis" ("Uderzo Sketched by his Friends") published in 1996. This contains a number of short comic strips drawn by a number of artists, including several leading ones.

The main theme of the strips are that Uderzo gets into a number of odd, sometimes surreal situations, most of them involving Asterix and other creations. One strip, for example, has Chief Vitalstatistix going to Lutetia and commissioning artist Uderzorix to paint a portrait of Asterix. They travel to the village in a chariot with Ferrari symbols on it.

Two of the best (one by Jean-Marc Stalner, the other by Franz Drappier) depict the characters in a realistic style, which can be seen as pastiche.

Even the map of Gaul at the beginning of the book is rewritten to state that "All Gaul is occupied by the mangas... All? No! A village of diehard big-noses still holds out against the invaders", with the village surrounded by Japanese samurai and robots.

It can be found here at Amazon France.

Personally, my only criticism of it is that Goscinny is hardly mentioned. He is only seen in a rather obscure profile in one strip and mentioned by the initials R.G. in another. It may be a book dedicated to Uderzo, but it also appears to give him all the credit.

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