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#1 · Posted: 15 Jul 2010 20:27
izneo.com is a site for French readers. From 1.99 euros you can read hundreds of comics online.

Apparently it's a joint project by some of the leading Franco-Belgian comic publishers to combat piracy. They put HQ scans of their comics online in Flash format; you're entitled to read the first five pages of each book for free and then pay in order to read the whole story, using your credit card or via Paypal.

It includes hundreds of titles, from old and out-of-print to more recent publications.

If you can read French then bon lecture.

Note to moderators: I'm quite sure that this site is legit. It was advertised on bedetheque.com, the IMDB of French-language comics, and is the subect of an article on Lesoir.be, the online version of a Belgian newspaper.
#2 · Posted: 16 Jul 2010 04:24
Looks good. Pity I don't understand much French.
Judging by the previews - Aldebaran (Tome 1), Antares (Tome 3) and Betelgeuse (Tome 1) look especially good (there seems to be a heavy Mobius influence). Do you know if there are plans to translate them into English? Thanks
Rianna Lauren
#3 · Posted: 16 Jul 2010 12:07
Gah! More French stuff. >.< I should learn French one day. Hahah. Anyway, looks like a great site! But yeah, I don't understand much French-- Wait, I don't understand French at all. :P But it still looks good!
#4 · Posted: 16 Jul 2010 19:06 · Edited by: mct16
Aldebaran (Tome 1) and Betelgeuse... Do you know if there are plans to translate them into English?

Well, whad'ya know? As luck would have it, Cinebook has actually translated the first three volumes of both those series. Bon lecture.
#5 · Posted: 17 Jul 2010 05:59
That's great! Thanks for sharing the link.
#6 · Posted: 5 Mar 2011 20:40
izneo.com now includes an English section with translated versions of "Lucky Luke", "Largo Winch" and even "Blake and Mortimer".

#7 · Posted: 8 Jul 2012 09:27
If only I got money for this. I really can't either afford the physical book or read it on izneo (I can only read 5 pages, then I must pay to continue :\). I can just go to IFI mediatheque for reading B&M, but it's in French, and unfortunately my French is deteriorating. Anyway, deteriorating or not, I must find a way to read B&M for this is now an interesting series for me!

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