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The Future of BD?: Casterman announce “augmented reality” album

#1 · Posted: 22 Apr 2012 20:12 · Edited by: jock123
Casterman have set up a site (and posted a trailer) for La Douce, a forthcoming comic by François Schuiten, which will used computer technology (probably in the form of an app) to offer additional augmented reality to the art and story.

Don’t know how it will come together in the end, but the trailer looks very interesting.

I saw a demonstration of augmented reality toy packaging in January, and that was very impressive.

With that, using the camera of an iPad or smart-phone with an app installed, allowed you to point the device at the back of an action-figure’s packet, and see (apparently standing on the surface of the card you were holding in your hand) a fully three-dimensional CGI version of the figure. It could be rotated to see all sides, and was animated to demonstrate the articulation or other actions of the toy.

The app could also be held in front of posters or the unit housing product to “activate” motion video advertising.

Adding this capapbility to books might be a gimmick, but it could also be a whole new form for writers and artists, so one worth watching I think…

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