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#1 · Posted: 20 Sep 2012 16:32
Hello guys!

I'm desperately searching for an expert on Moebius! I'm working for a German comic book publisher (Cross Cult) and we're going to publish a (more or less) complete Moebius Collection this winter. Right now we're trying to bring together a chronology of all his storys. Well, it is Moebius, so of course it's not an easy task...
We already got some data, but we still need to find out the original publication date of:

- Double Evasion
- Le Major Grubert
- Paradise Nine's Strange Flowers
- Une Planche
- Ktulu
- Tueur à Gages
- Vous faites l'objet de ceci et de cela
- Split
- Y'a pas moyens
- Musique ininterromque
- Rock City
- Approcher sur Centauri
- Variation n. 4070

So, that's quite a long list. But if anyone could held us and knows when any of these story were published originally, we'd be more than greatful! Thanks very much!
#2 · Posted: 20 Sep 2012 18:55 · Edited by: Moderator
I'm not an expert on Moebius, I'm afraid, but a little search on the net has led to some dates.

You've listed most of the names in French, so I am assuming that you want the dates that they were published in "Metal Hurlant", as opposed to the English-language "Heavy Metal".

Most of these come from the bdoubliees.com site and it is a fairly reliable source, though I am not accepting responsibility for any errors.

I've included the original dates of publication as best I can. Where I have a (?) is a warning because I am not sure of the source so I advise caution (see my notes further down). I've also included the correct spelling of some of these titles.

- Double Evasion - 1980
- Le Major Grubert - 1975(?)
- Paradise Nine's Strange Flowers - 1978(?)
- Une Planche - 1976
- Ktulu - 1978
- Tueur à Gages (correct to "Tueur à gage") - 1978
- Vous faites l'objet de ceci et de cela - 1974(?)
- Split ("Split le petit pionnier de l’espace") - 1975
- Y'a pas moyens - 1972
- Musique ininterromque (correct to "Petit programme de musique ininterrompue") - 1973
- Rock City - 1979
- Approcher sur Centauri - 1975
- Variation n. 4070 ("Variation No 4070 sur 'le' thème") - 1978

"Le Major Grubert" was actually a series rather than a one-off story. Dates of publication can be found on his bdoubliees.com entry.

This entry in comicvine indicates that "Paradise Nine's Strange Flowers" was published in the April 1978 issue of "Heavy Metal". I cannot be certain if it was published in French around the same period.

This bedetheque.com comment suggests that "Vous faites l'objet de ceci et de cela" was first published in 1974.

Another BDoubliee.com page indicates that "Y'a pas moyens" was published in Pilote magazine in 1972 and that "Petit programme de musique ininterrompue" was published in 1973. These were under his other pen-name of Gir.

Good luck with your chronology.

Note to moderators: the links that I have provided here are mainly of listings of publication titles. The covers of magazines that are included in these sites come under the "fair use" notion and can hardly be seen as copyright breaching.

Moderator Note: As has been asked before, the forums should not be used for moderation discussions; make such presentations to Admin before posting, not after. If in any doubt, always remember that she is the one you are getting into trouble; therefore please have the good grace to check with her first, and not in a public discussion by which time the damage may have been done.

The Tintinologist Team
#3 · Posted: 21 Sep 2012 07:54
Thank you very, very much! This is amazing!
I did some research myself, but couldn't find all the dates. So thank you so much!
#4 · Posted: 21 Sep 2012 12:42
Okay... it seems that two more story have slipped through my research... I've been searching for the dates for two hours now, but so far I haven't been very successfull... (maybe because my French really sucks...)

So, these are the last two titles we're looking for:

- Le Grand Hotel "B"
- L'envahisseur

Any ideas? I know they were published in Les Vacances du Major in 1989, but I can't find anything before that...

(As much as I love and admire Jean Giraud and his work, this is really driving me nuts! ^^)
#5 · Posted: 21 Sep 2012 21:00
I'm afraid that I cannot find them myself, not on the websites that I pointed you towards and a Google search did not come up with any dates of publication.

Just a thought, but could it be that they were not actually published until they appeared in book form in 1989? It's possible that when he drew them in the 1970s they were turned down for publication but that they were included in the book in 1989 in order to complete the number of pages required, or just for the record - to show how his work had evolved over the years.

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