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Ellipse-Nelvana: Tintin 75 years DVD box-set (R2)

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#1 · Posted: 23 Jul 2004 13:17
I've just ordered the 11 disk boxset from the HMV website.
Does anyone else have this?
I assume the "11 disk" titling means it includes the 'Tintin et Moi' bonus disc.
And is the sound in sync with the animation? (It isn't on one of my single-volume DVDs).

Any other good/bad points about it?
Would be interested to hear.
Big Ren
#2 · Posted: 23 Jul 2004 13:55 · Edited by: Big Ren
See here, June 21:

The sound sync problem has been fixed on the box set.

Good points:
- the cases are the extra slim type (apart from the bonus disc);
- choice of audio language (English, French or Spanish);
- good price.
Bad points:
- they could have fitted them on five discs rather than 10;
- there are occasional videotape dropouts (on the master), Anchor Bay should have removed these;
- the Thom(p)sons' accents are awful (English audio), their Belvision voices were much better;
- no subtitles.
Moderator Emeritus
#3 · Posted: 23 Jul 2004 15:48
I also think that the Ellipse-Nelvana Thompsons' voices are much better. After about 2 minutes of listening to the Belvision voices (Tintin's as well), I usually feel quite ill.
Molly S
#4 · Posted: 23 Jul 2004 16:38
Hi, all!
Sorry in advance if this is a dumb question, but can someone please confirm for me that this DVD set is the series "The Adventures of Tintin" that was distributed by Ellipse-Nelvana and ran on Nickelodeon in America in the early nineties?
I'm considering buying it, and I'd like to know.
Also if someone could post even a partial cast list for the English audio version, that would be an immense help.

Thanks! :-)
#5 · Posted: 23 Jul 2004 16:51 · Edited by: Admin
I guess I'm lucky not to have seen the Belvision version then!

Thanks for the replies.

By the way 'Big Ren', what do you mean by video dropouts on the master?

I hope this helps. It is the Ellipse\Nelvana version.

As for the cast list, the main voices are:-

Tintin= Colin O'Meara
Haddock= David Fox
Snowy= Susan Roman
Calculus= Wayne Robson
Thompson= John Stocker
Thomson= Dan Hennessey
Nestor= Vernon Chapman
Castafiore= Maureen Forrester

[Post edited by Admin. Combined two consecutive posts.]
Big Ren
#6 · Posted: 24 Jul 2004 16:31
By the way 'Big Ren', what do you mean by video dropouts on the master?
I mean that I noticed one or two white blips on the picture like you can get with analogue videotape (that's in the whole of the episode I watched, so definitley not enough to spoil things). Digital artifacts look different, so the problem is with the source tape, not the DVD.
Molly S
#7 · Posted: 26 Jul 2004 05:36

Thanks so much! That was a huge help. Yippee! E-bay, here I come!!

Cheers, all! :D
#8 · Posted: 10 Jan 2005 13:43
Play.com has the Tintin 75th Anniversary boxed-set in their sale for under £16, if anyone is interested.
#9 · Posted: 20 Jan 2005 00:57
whats the difference between the 10 disc set and the 6 disc set (other than the number of discs). is the 6 disc set official?
Moderator Emeritus
#10 · Posted: 20 Jan 2005 18:34
The 5 disc set was released earlier last year, as an HMV exclusive. Apart from more episodes per disc, and different cover art, the release is the same.

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