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Tintin DVDS: available in Region 1/NTSC?

#1 · Posted: 6 Oct 2004 09:32
I'm noticing that everytime a thread mentions the R2 DVD we get a response regarding its American Availability...

Currently the only Tintin DVD available in R1/NTSC is Tintin and the Lake of Sharks which can be purchased from DVDsoon.com, it's a french release with an English soundtrack and is titled "Tintin et le lac aux requins"

The Ellipse-Nevada DVD boxset is not available in R1/NTSC so here are your options...

E-mail Anchor Bay at suggestions@anchorbayent.com and request it recieves a release in USA/Canada.

Buy a R2 version, currently under £20 and find a way to play it in your area...

Multi-Region DVD Player
Play it on a computer with a MR Decoder

The Japanese release of the set is R2 but is also believed to be NTSC (Jock123 for this info). I know most people complain about the PAL transfer rather than the region encoding.

Please post any more information, and everyone e-mail AB, I have done so even though I live in the UK.


P.S. Has anyone tried to play a R2/PAL release in the USA/Can or are you all assuming it won't work? Anyone with a bit of patience in the R1 area who fancies a stab at getting a R2 release working (by MRing their player, etc.). I have some of the original R2 releases (not the boxset) that due to the price of a boxset are pretty much worthless.

I'll happily send one out to someone in the USA/Canada if they want to try and get it working

#2 · Posted: 13 Oct 2004 15:05
Anyone who desires to be region-free) -
Go to www.jbox.com/DVD/DVRF_1.html to purchase an affordable, region free DVD box.

Their units are imported from Japan and ready-to-go, plug and play, no hacking involved. Generally they feature only one or two units at a time (they import a bunch of Japanese stuff, like an all-purpose online convenience store). Currently (10/13/04) they're featuring a $78 region-free Lasonic that can play any PAL or NTSC disk in any country (built in converter). $20 shipping US/Canada, $48 shipping overseas.

More sites, somewhat more comprehensive, featuring various models, from a little to a lot more expensive (often high-end brand names) and a lot of supplementary information to help you make an informed choice, are:

Sometimes they even offer relatively inexpensive units that are VCR and/or DVD Recorder friendly as well (meaning they disable Macrovision interference). Not endorsing, just reporting.

There are numerous other such sites (a search engine query using various combinations of key words will call them up) but the above will get you started.
#3 · Posted: 12 Feb 2005 03:33
Region 1 discs may be available from April, 2005. See new thread, "Tintin DVD boxset - Region 1."

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