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Received any Tintin Christmas presents?

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#11 · Posted: 20 Feb 2005 21:22
Yes – I got two Tintin books, and The Complete Companion. Also my sister wanted the Tintin Swatch, but then she didn't.
#12 · Posted: 18 May 2010 03:15
I got 3 little plastic statues one Christmas, which were about 3 inches high. 2 of the Thom(p)sons and one Tintin. I'd love to get one of the really detailed metal ones, which I remember seeing in a shop in Belgium, but they were at least €100!
#13 · Posted: 17 Apr 2017 02:45
the Tintin Wwatch

What's the Tintin Swatch? Never heard of that before. Is it a kind of watch?

Anyway, I got Tintin - Hergé's Masterpiece for Christmas last year.
#14 · Posted: 7 Dec 2017 17:20 · Edited by: Moderator
What's the Tintin Swatch? Never heard of that before. Is it a kind of watch?

It's a 2004 edition wrist watch featuring Tintin on it's dial.

P.S. Had got it as a gift from the missus :)
#15 · Posted: 28 Dec 2017 00:49
So far, I got 2 Herge biographies (including Harry Thompson's Tintin: Herge & his Creation) and a small Soviets calendar.
#16 · Posted: 29 Dec 2017 02:59
For this Christmas, I got a 20 cm Snowy plush (to replace my old one), a 29.5 cm Tintin statue, and a Captain Haddock keyring, but I also have Christmas money that I'll probably use to buy some other items.
#17 · Posted: 31 Dec 2017 11:25
I received The Secret of the Unicorn, Red Rackham's Treasure and Red Sea Sharks in paperback and the Polyresin figure of Captain Hadddock with the Yeti's empty bottle. I was also given an Amazon voucher which I've since spent on the Golden Fleece and Blue Oranges DVDs released by the BFI some years ago.

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