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Uniqlo Now Carrying Tintin Tee-shirts

#1 · Posted: 27 Apr 2015 22:04 · Edited by: jock123
The Japanese clothing-store chain has introduced a line of Tintin-themed tee-shirts in their Summer 2015 collection.

Long-famed for the variety and number of graphic images available on their garments, Uniqlo have often teamed up with designers, artists, comic-book and film companies, plus brands like Coca-Cola and Fender to offer a wide-range of themes.
This new line is offering 17 designs, some in more than one colour, for men and women; oddly/ sadly they don't appear to do anything in their children's clothing (I thought for a moment they were, as they have a tee-shirt with a crab on it, but it turned out to be an unrelated sea-side design), which I think is a pity.

There appears to have been a slow roll-out of the tee-shirts globally, starting in Japan, and then continental Europe and now the U.K., so if you have Uniqlo stores in your area, do have a look and let us know if the Tintin range in your area.
#2 · Posted: 2 May 2015 09:52 · Edited by: Moderator
I hope they are available in my local Philippine Uniqlo branch; Uniqlo is very popular in my country! :D

If this happens, I guess Moulinsart have relaxed their policies when it comes to merchandising ^_^

"Yay!" for more legal choices to choose!

BTW I guess it would be cheaper to buy at Uniqlo than the ones in the Tintin Shop in Fort Bonifacio, Manila (both have amazing designs!).

Update: As of now, Uniqlo Philippines dosen't have them yet :b-( - but I can still wait hahahaha!
Hope they could release it here someday...
#3 · Posted: 8 May 2015 02:16 · Edited by: Moderator
I will most likely buy one, if they they have them in South Carolina.
#4 · Posted: 8 May 2015 16:41

Check it now!

Recently visited my local Uniqlo and they now had their full Tintin range available! So it is now already available in the Philippines, so do your local Uniqlo in the US

My favourite design was the 'Destination Moon' oooohhhhh love its rustic design, hahahaha

Too bad they did not made the Tintin range for the kiddies :-(
#5 · Posted: 23 Apr 2017 13:22
Last year at Uniqlo I bought one of the (probably final) Tintin t-shirts - a Captain Haddock in front of the waterfall catching his hat from Prisoners of the Sun. Lucky me!

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