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Young boy starts Tintin review series!

#1 · Posted: 28 Apr 2015 04:07
I recently started watching a series on youtube, that I thought wasn't getting enough attention. The name of this series is just what the topic states: Tintin series retrospective.
Now, why I found this so interesting is because, when these videos started, the boy who made them was very young, and I was so impressed by how much work he was putting into his videos, and how professionally he spoke. He also did not just blabber on and on about how he loved, them he did it in controlled manner, which is much more enjoyable to listen to and watch. This series started in 2012 but he has been infrequently posting new videos ever since then.
Now the way his series works is, he posts a video for every book, and gives his personal thoughts, and facts about that particular book. I enjoy them so much, I leave comments a lot asking when he will make a new video. At one time he was going to stop, but I kept bugging him about it in the comments and so he started his videos up again. I was so happy, and to this day I still try to support him by sharing his video, telling my friends etc,etc,etc

Now, to my main point, I would appreciate it so very (and he would to of course) much if you would go on youtube, and start watching his videos, leaving comments, giving it a thumbs up, sharing and doing what you can to support him and his effort to honor Herge.

I will try to leave a link but I don't know if it will work.
If it doesn't work, just go on youtube's homepage, and type in the searchbar "Tintin series retrospective"

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