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Authentication Committee for the work of Hergé

#1 · Posted: 6 Oct 2016 19:25 · Edited by: mct16
It's been announced that the Studios Hergé has set up an Authentication Committee whose job will be to examine work said to be by Herge or his studio and judge whether or not it is. This is in response to the growing number of fake works said to be by famous artists which are becoming more and more common.

So, if you have what you think is a sketch or a letter or an autographed drawing which you thought was by Herge and wanted to be sure, then go to this page on the official Tintin site in order to contact the committee and seek their opinion.

It could spare you a lot of trouble to do so before placing what you thought was genuine work on ebay and it turned out to be fake.

The committee includes Philippe Goddin, a leading Tintinologist and writer, and is chaired by Sophie Tchang, Curator of the Hergé Museum, and daughter of Herge's influential friend Tchang Chong-jen.
#2 · Posted: 6 Oct 2016 19:39
Is this something new? They have had something if not the same then very similar available for some years (in fact I think it has been suggested at times in previous threads for people with what may be rare or valuable items in need of some sort of appraisal),which went through a link on the Tintin website.
#3 · Posted: 6 Oct 2016 23:24
The setting up of this committee is mentioned in the latest article in the News section of the Tintin.com website which is why I assumed it was new and that others would like to know about it. It could be that it has been up and running for some time and this is just a reminder.

In any case, I was thinking that this thread could be made a Sticky at the top of the "Tintin collectibles (official merchandise only)" forum since it will give newcomers the means to contact people who can verify the goods more quickly.

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