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For Sale: Signed Hergé sketch? [Closed]

#1 · Posted: 27 Oct 2016 03:33 · Edited by: Moderator
Good Day/Night!

I found this sketch Link removed signed by Hergé on eBay.

It seems legit, but I'm no expert.


Moderator Note: Hi! Sorry, the whole thing smells of a scam: the seller is offering a selection of "unique", unknown, purportedly genuine, works by a range of 20th century masters - and is happy to sell them for knock-down prices? Anybody capable of recognizing that Picasso and Van Gogh are artists someone might want to buy, is going to know that you don't sell one for under $150 on eBay... They would have taken them to be appraised and verified by a specialist, not bunged them on eBay.
Airy disclaimers way down in the body of the text about a lack of certainty about whether or not they are genuine, and being sold as "in style of" fail to meet the high standards such transactions should take place under, and are unlikely to hold up in court should a buyer pursue the seller; they certainly ring all the alarm bells going about the legitimacy of the sale, and the seller's intent.
No, this sale seems far from "legit"!
On this basis, the link has been removed from your post, and you should probably approach eBay to advise them of the issue.

The Tintinologist Team

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