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Land of Black Gold: Is the original version in "Hergé, le feuilleton intégral"?

#1 · Posted: 1 Dec 2017 22:08 · Edited by: Moderator
Do you know if this series of books has the few initial pages of "Land of Black Gold" that was interrupted by war or not?

I know it was serialized for a short time in 1940, then it was interrupted. I bought the book covering 1937-1939 and did not find it, and looking at the cover of the book covering 1940-1943 I see no mention of it. Can someone tell me if it's there or not?

Thank you.
#2 · Posted: 1 Dec 2017 23:56 · Edited by: snowybella
I did a quick search on the forums, and found this thread. According to mct16, the books only collect the Tintin magazine comics (Explorers on the Moon, Calculus Affair, etc.), not the Petit Vingtiemes (Soviets to King Ottokar's Sceptre-Black Gold)

Hope this helps!

Edit: reading the thread more closeley, it seems like they are (or were) releasing pre-Tintin Magazine strips too! There's still hope!
#3 · Posted: 2 Dec 2017 00:49
Thank you very much. Indeed they have even the early adventures' strips. I'm concerned though that the original Black Gold ones might not be included, which would be a massive disappointment.
#4 · Posted: 2 Dec 2017 10:10 · Edited by: jock123
Don't fret – the 1939/40 L'Or Noir will be included in the series!

I just asked Benoît Peeters, who has been contributing to the project, and he assured me that the story is to be part of volume 8, and confirms that it is scheduled to be released in October 2018.

As volume 7 is your 1937-39, and volume 9 is the period 1940-43, there must be enough additional material to have a volume bridging 1939-1940.
#5 · Posted: 4 Dec 2017 05:06 · Edited by: Roby

Thank you!!!!
#6 · Posted: 21 Dec 2017 17:45 · Edited by: Moderator
You can see the first version of Black Gold here. Link removed

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