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How do you display your Tintin books?

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#1 · Posted: 3 Aug 2005 08:24
Hi all,
I am just wondering how people are displaying their tintin books at home (if at all)?
also does anyone know of a place to buy tintin bookends?. I have all my tintins on a table at home but they keep falling over and I really need some bookends to hold them up but I cannot find any tintin ones anywhere...
Thanks, Nick.
#2 · Posted: 3 Aug 2005 14:10
We keep ours in a book shelf, nested among other children's books in our house (I legally left childhood a little more than a year ago and I have younger siblings). I actually have started to prefer to not touch the paperbacks because they are so worn by my always reading them. As for the hardbacks, that is what I read nowadays, but they are displayed in the same way.

I never felt the need to make them conspicuous. The simple greatness of the Tintin books spoke for themselves, making that section of the shelf visible to all (sometimes, the greatest things don't need attention; things that aren't so might need intense advertising...)...
#3 · Posted: 3 Aug 2005 16:47
I just have a tintin shelf, nothing really special it's just that I have enough books to take up a shelf

Moderator Emeritus
#4 · Posted: 3 Aug 2005 17:30
I, like Rik, have a Tintin shelf, with Tintin bookends at the end. I display them in size order, starting with the tallest on the left-hand side of the bookshelf ! ;o)

On the subject of bookends, I bought my Tintin bookends from eBay ; I've seen about three sets in the last year. For for info and a photo of the bookends in question, see this thread.
#5 · Posted: 3 Aug 2005 20:19
Since my Tintin books aren't in mint condition, I simply stack those with my other book collections. It's difficult to keep those in mint condition because I use those in teaching!
Harrock n roll
#6 · Posted: 4 Aug 2005 10:10
I used to have a ‘Tintin shelf’ as well, but because I started getting quite a few rarer edtions I decided to keep them in a ‘Tintin cupboard’ so as to protect them from light. And I stack them flat, rather than upright, so the edges don’t become scuffed.

Also, I recently managed to buy a ’Tintin revolving rocket stand’ (the kind you see in shops) from ebay. I haven’t decided what to display in this but I was thinking it could hold anything really. Books, Cds, DVDs... even goldfish!
#7 · Posted: 4 Aug 2005 13:09
hi everyone,

thanks for all the great replies... I have both a hardcover series and paperback series (which are the ones I read almost all the time) and like yours snafu, mine are completly worn down now from all the reading :). I like to keep them in the living room because its amazing how often someone might pop around and everyone seems to love tintin and has a story to tell when they see them...

also thanks for the tip on the bookends tintinuk, I'll certainly keep my eye out on ebay as that would seem to be the best bet for finding them.

its great to find a site like this with so many tintin fans from all over the world...

cheers, nick...
#8 · Posted: 6 Aug 2005 11:35
I do not know if anyone else does this but I put mine in chronological order.
UK Correspondent
#9 · Posted: 6 Aug 2005 14:21
I've got a couple of Tintin shelves, in size order - most of the hardbacks are on one shelf, and the paperbacks with the smaller books on another. My copies of the Chronologie series of books are stacked so they don't 'warp' like you tend to find with books stood up for a long time. Nothing too fancy, I just like having all of the books easily accessible for whenever I fancy a dip into another adventure !
Tintin and Snowy
#10 · Posted: 2 Feb 2006 03:40
I have a magazine rack hanging next to my bed in which I keep my Tintin books! But they don't usually stay there for very long. I take them everywhere and they can be found in my bookbag, my desk and, more often than not, lying on my bed saved for some night time reading.

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