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Quick & Flupke: how many languages?

#1 · Posted: 4 Sep 2010 07:13
Some days ago I posted a message asking for the various languages of the Jo, Zette & Jocko series, and the problem was solved perfectly. As a matter of fact, I also have a litter interest in the languages of the Quick & Flupke series. I only know that there are 2 English albums published by Egmont (the 4th and 12th), and 11 English albums published by an Indian press (Mammoth?). Are there any other language that Quick & Flupke has been published into? Please tell me what you know.
Rianna Lauren
#2 · Posted: 4 Sep 2010 10:04
I'm not sure how many languages exactly, but I can tell you I found those in Indonesian a few weeks ago. So there's one for you XD
#3 · Posted: 4 Sep 2010 11:42
Thank you, Rianna Lauren! Could you tell me how many albums are translated into Indonesian? Besides, can I get the covers legally?
Harrock n roll
#4 · Posted: 4 Sep 2010 11:54
Here's a few I know with their alternate names:
Danish- Lars og Lue
Dutch - Kwik en Flupke
German - Stups und Steppke
Spanish - Quique y Flupi
Portuguese - Quim e Filipe
Swedish - Smecken och Sulan

Going by Wikipedia, Quick & Flupke have also been translated into Finnish, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese and Korean, but there are sure to be many more...
Rianna Lauren
#5 · Posted: 18 Sep 2010 13:26
Went to the bookstore today and suddenly remembered this thread, so I checked and there are eleven translated into Indonesian. :) How many titles are there, originally?
#6 · Posted: 21 Sep 2010 18:39
Rianna Lauren:
How many titles are there, originally?

There are totally 12 titles,they are
Double Trouble
Two of a Kind
Under Full Sail(In India it is known as Full Sail)
It's Your Turn
Without Mercy
Excuse Me Ma'am
Long Live Progress
Pranks and Jokes
Fasten Your Seat Belts
High Tension(Initially published in September 1985 as Haute Tension. Haute Tension is not by Hergé, but by Johan de Moor, the son of Hergé's assistant Bob de Moor.)
#7 · Posted: 30 Mar 2012 20:36 · Edited by: JEEP
Three albums were translated into Danish and published by Carlsen Comics, from 1981-82;

Her kommer Lars og Lue (Les exploits de Quick et Flupke 1) 1981 - ISBN 87-562-2104-5
Lars og Lue på glatis (Les exploits de Quick et Flupke 2) 1981 - ISBN 87-562-2105-3
Sjov i gaden med Lars og Lue (Les exploits de Quick et Flupke 3) 1982 - ISBN 87-562-2133-9

These are direct translations of the three first albums in the French series - I am not sure which English language albums they translate to. The second may be Double Trouble, judging by the cover.

In 1987 Egmont Serieforlaget published a hardcover edition of "Rune & Sune Kvarterets Skræk" (Pas de quartier) - ISBN 87-7679-384-2.
Changing the Danish name of the two main characters from Lars & Lue to Rune & Sune.
The plan was to publish the entire series, but the first album was so unsuccessful, that the plan was abandonned after only one album. People expected Tintin like adventure from Hergé - not "Katzenjammer Kids" type humour.
#8 · Posted: 31 Mar 2012 09:21
Harrock n roll:
Quick & Flupke have also been translated into Finnish,

As Kuikka and Vili.

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