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April Fool's Day

#1 · Posted: 1 Apr 2007 09:59
Happy April Fool's Day to all Tintinologists out there. Well, Abdullah would be putting out some good pranks on this day. Well, it struck me off my curiousity.

What prank would be Abdullah doing?
Will Tintin pull a prank on Haddock?
Would Quick and Fluke play pranks on Tintin or Haddock or even Abdullah?

And one grand question: Who is the best prankster of all Tintin characters?

Your views, please?
#2 · Posted: 2 Apr 2007 02:57
Abdullah would be mixing caps with Haddock's tobbaco, so that when Haddock went to light his pipe, the caps would pop.

One good "prankster" is Calculus in TINTIN AND THE PICAROS. He used his anti-alcohol pill on everyone, and they truly suffered! Just ask Captain Haddock!

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