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Dustin the Turkey and his Eurovision journey

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#21 · Posted: 15 Mar 2008 10:59 · Edited by: tuhatkauno
About this Americanism

It is cute and nice you Americans worry about Europeans but you really needn't bother. We are not at the mercy of American cultural offerings, not at all. It is true that American influence is strong, but in Finnish media we do have a possibility to choose. I am a heavy-user of TV but you might be surprised how little I watch American programmes (one movie and one Simpons/South Park in week maybe). I love good entertainment, and my entertainment is UCL, Premier league, La liga, Finnish hockey, as well as American and European series and movies, plus our own Finnish offerings. The competition is hard and we certainly are not at the mercy of American cultural offerings unlike you people in US and A. :)

Moderator Warning: Right, after the friendly warning, the official one. The thread is about the Eurovision Song Contest, and is not a trolling ground for people’s opinions of America. The tone of this post is such that it is pretty close to baiting other members, so please, do not continue in this vain.
There is the serious subject of a puppet turkey to debate…
The Tintinologist Team

Sorry, this won't happen again. Tuhis

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