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#41 · Posted: 30 Jul 2004 02:24
We don't have many good comic shops in Australia. I only know of one and that's "Minotaur" in Melbourne.
Mik Kanrokitoff
#42 · Posted: 30 Jul 2004 13:55

My name in Matthew, I'm a librarian working in London. I found a copy of "Explorers on the Moon" at a jumble sale when I was five. My habit started then, over the next few years I obtained all the Methuen paperbacks. I had a mad moment in my teens when, in a bold "putting away childish things" type gesture, I gave my collection away to an ex-girlfriend's three year old nephew.

I regretted it straight away. So if anyone ever comes across a hardback copy of "The Shooting Star" with a lot of blood on the front cover (I had a nose bleed) on eBay - let me know because I'll buy it back.

Working in a Library (which frankly is just as glamorous as it sounds) I came across Thompson's "Tintin - Herge & his creation" and started craving again. I try and get to the Tintin shop in Covent Garden after pay day every month and scour the web for rarities.

When others ask me why, I can only say that in 30 years I have never tired of reading Herge's work over and over again.
#43 · Posted: 11 Aug 2004 13:06 · Edited by: Admin
Hi Ed, sorry I haven't written for a while. Went on holiday and have been busy busy busy! I don't have the other book to hand as it's at home where i dont have internet access but I will write it down and post it to you asap.

This may be a bit cheeky of me to ask, but does anybody want to give me their opinions on whether they think the Tintin stories are related in any way to Herges life, as part of my coursework? I want to show that I have taken into account other peoples opinions about this subject and Iwould be very grateful if you guys could help me out!!! I've created a new discussion in the "Curious about Tintin?" forum, specially for my little enquiery. Thanks for your help.

Nikita x

[Post edited by Admin. Two consecutive posts combined.]
#44 · Posted: 12 Aug 2004 17:16
I'm a random 16 year old from Edinburgh.
#45 · Posted: 23 Aug 2004 23:37

My name is Dan, and I'm an Alcho...... no wait, TinTin-aholic (the first is for the Haddock's Anonymous LoL) I'm 29, and I’ve been a fan since grade school. I still quite enjoy getting lost in a good TinTin adventure. My favorite would have to be the Unicorn/Red Rackham set, with Black Island a close second. I have enjoyed snooping around the site for the last few weeks, and just finally decided to join, so Hello Everyone, it's great to meet you!

Dan / L1049
#46 · Posted: 25 Aug 2004 04:10
Well my name is Jermayn (Currently 20) and I am originally from Geraldton BUT now in Perth for university studies!!I am studying Multimedia Design and fast getting bored with the non-related crap that I am learning!!!! <rolled-eyes>

I first read Tintin when i was about 10 or so and also read Asterix and my favourite Lee Falks "Phantom"!!!
#47 · Posted: 13 Sep 2004 16:03
Hi everybody!

My name is Thomas, i've 22 and i live in Charleroi, in Belgium (the land of tintin). I'am student in communications in a hight school.

I'm a big fan of tintin since 2002 : this year, in my city, he was the Tintin musical "prisoners of the sun". I see this Musical comedy (it's like in brodway).

I'm a member of "les amis de Hergé" (its a big fans club: more than 1000 members arround the world!!!) Any year, we doe a meeting in Waterloo. Many tintinologues come and speak about the niews in tintin's world. It's the right place to sold tintin's books, stuffs etc....

In 2005, it's the 20ste birthday of the association. The meeting during 2 days (in place of 1) and Raymond Leblanc (the founder of tintin magazine) now 90 years, be the guest star of the meeting.

#48 · Posted: 6 Oct 2004 13:07
Hi there..newbie here. Been reading my tintin books over and over again for a very long time :) Glad to have found this site. Looking forward to share my views with everyone else from here on/
#49 · Posted: 7 Oct 2004 10:41
Hello there everyone.

My name is Jason and I am looking forward to chatting about all things TinTin.

Best wishes

#50 · Posted: 9 Oct 2004 20:40
I didn't even intro'ed myself, and started babbling already....

My real name is NOT Martine. I just thought I'd assume a name I liked, for a change.

I'm a Graphic Design major, and though I don't have many Tintins (yet), I've been a fan for a few years now. Still, I purchased In the land of the Soviets a couple of years ago. I love it, and I keep it on my comics trunk as a treassure.

Lessee, what else. I live in Chile, where up to not 4 years ago, it was very easy to find Tintin comics, but now all of a sudden, not so much. I think I was lucky to get Tintin in Congo, which is pretty rare in this country for some reason (I wouldn't say in account of racism, cos that's not really a problem here)

Um...I made a Tintin in Black Island --my fave-- figurine once. It's on my room; I've pictures of it if you wanna see. Not very pretty, but I'm a better illustrator than I am a sculptor...which is not saying much either.

The End.

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