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Red Sea Sharks: Dr Bombard's Diet?

#1 · Posted: 23 Dec 2004 19:15 · Edited by: Moderator
A hypothetical question, all.
Would you resort to Dr. Bombard's diet if you were adrift on a raft in the middle of nowhere?
Happy Christmas
#2 · Posted: 23 Dec 2004 20:26
I think I'd try to scout the seas for a multi-millionaire's yacht, first...
Harrock n roll
#3 · Posted: 24 Dec 2004 01:59
Mmmm, raw fish, plankton and seawater. Gives me an idea for a new reality TV series, "I'm a Tintin fan get me out of here!"...
#4 · Posted: 13 Jan 2005 16:18 · Edited by: jock123
The Bombard diet is a measure of last resort - no more than 32 fl oz (0.95 litres) of salt water per day, and the understanding that it is a survival regime, not a healthy one - e.g. it might keep you alive, but not necessarily well.

I'd try to collect condensation and rain-water first, but if it required it, I'd give a little sea-water a chance, I suppose...

Of course, the situation is pretty desperate even if you collect some condensation: some sources suggest that it is better, if the body is dehydrated, to avoid swallowing water, as this can lead to vomiting; they suggest that it is given as an enema, as this is easily absorbed (not recommended with sea-water!)...

I'm glad, in retrospect that Hergé has Tintin drinking the water out of his hat...
Mark Falconer
#5 · Posted: 31 May 2007 17:36 · Edited by: Mark Falconer
This is something I've wondered about - because when adrift at sea the last thing you want to do is to be drinking saltwater! The cytoplasm partially drains out of your cells in a dehydrated state - if you take in salt-water, the chemical differences will rupture the cell walls and in essence massively kill off the very parts of your body that need nourishing. You need to drink rainwater or condensation, if you can get that. If you can't, well, you might be able to survive two to five days without water. If you drink seawater, you'll die in a matter of hours - or even minutes, if you are previously dehydrated.

So I'm not sure why Tintin was trying the sea-water - or why Haddock, who would surely know these things (being a sea-captain) could not give a better reason not to drink it than it was dirty.
#6 · Posted: 1 Jun 2007 11:41
I think Dr Bombard claimed to have proved through his voyage that, contrary to general belief, you could drink sea water (enough to provide you with your liquid needs) without going mad or damaging your physiology.

Tintin seems to believe Bombard's claim, since as you say, he's drinking the seawater. (Presumeably Hergé was similarly convinced.) However, I'm sure I read somewhere that Bombard's claims that he'd made his voyage without any fresh water supplies were disputed, and that his "proof" about the drinkability of sea water as a sole source of liquid was therefore cast into doubt. So I'd be inclined to go with your advice rather than Tintin's on this one, Mark!
#7 · Posted: 1 Jun 2007 14:40 · Edited by: Ranko
I'm sure I read somewhere that Bombard's claims that he'd made his voyage without any fresh water supplies were disputed, and that his "proof" about the drinkability of sea water as a sole source of liquid was therefore cast into doubt.

I think I posted something similar as a reply to this thread. I can't remember where but It's triggered a memory somewhere!
IIRC, Bombards claim was disputed, as his raft (which was under surveilence at the time to prevent just such an incident occuring) was seen to be loading what appeared to be cannisters of fresh water in the middle of the night.
Bombard also didn't live solely on seawater. His voyage lasted 65 days. 14 of those days were spent living on seawater, 23 of those he survived on "fishjuice" (One shudders to think... Blood and squeezing the flesh of the fish, maybe) He did manage, towards the end, to collect some rain water of which there had been none for the previous 23 days.

By the end though, he had lost 55 pounds (25KG) and was seriously anaemic.
So, remember to pack that can opener anytime you're thinking about that raft trip!
#8 · Posted: 7 Mar 2008 19:47 · Edited by: Moderator
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In The Red Sea Sharks, when the three of them are on the raft, Tintin tells them to drink some sea water, but if you do this in real life, it will dehydrate you even more!

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The Happy Tintinologist Team
#9 · Posted: 8 Mar 2008 06:24
This thread brought to mind a case we read in my Criminal Law class. Check it out at wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regina_v._Dudley_and_Stephens

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