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What type of Tintinologist are you?

#1 · Posted: 23 Feb 2018 01:49
Hello everyone,

I thought of the idea for this thread yesterday, and now I have some spare time, I'd like to ask everybody this question: what type of Tintinologist (or fan, it depends) are you?

For starters, I think I'm:
Type: Rare

Reasons: I like Belvision cartoons, and now I've re-read it, I actually quite like the Lake of Sharks book(!). My favourite 3 are not particularily popular (Shooting Star, Broken Ear, Soviets), and I also read other comics (Moomin and Asterix to name two). My favourite character is Snowy (while others seem to prefer Captain Haddock), and to finish it off, I own a Norfolk Terrier named Bella, instead of a Fox Terrier named Snowy.

Have a nice day!

#2 · Posted: 23 Feb 2018 20:51 · Edited by: mct16
I think that there is supposed to be a difference between a "Tintinologist" and a "fan" - and I think that I can say that I have been a bit of both.

A "fan" by definition is "someone who admires and supports" something, like a football team or a pop star because they find it entertaining and enjoyable. In the case of Tintin, a fan would enjoy reading the adventures or watching the films and cartoons. They might even buy posters or toys and items like mugs and other merchandise based on the subject and, for the most part, be content with that.

A "Tintinologist" on the other hand is more like an archaeologist who also researches and analyses the subject. While an actual archaeologist would dig through the earth and try to analyse how older civilisations lived, a Tintinologist would try to find out how Herge developed his stories and drawing techniques, what themes he was raising and how "Tintin" affected his life and vice-versa.

I believe that I started as a fan of Tintin and that was because he was rather hard to ignore. I lived in France and England most of my life and in both countries "Tintin" was in every bookshop so it was the sort of thing that a young eager reader would collect.

Later, when I read Michael Farr's "Tintin the Complete Companion", I was amazed to find that there was so much more in the books than just adventures: how the war in South America in "Broken Ear" was based on a real war of the time; how the stories became less political during the war years; and how "Tibet" stands out from the others with its theme of a rescue mission as opposed to crime fighting.

So I would say that I am now the sort of Tintinologist who enjoys finding out as much as I can about Tintin and Herge and analysing the themes involved. I enjoy the stories but also want to know more about the influences behind the scenes.
#3 · Posted: 3 Mar 2018 21:47
It seems a common thread running through most of us Tintin fans is we have been exposed to, and smitten by, Tintin at a young age. Some very young. But, it is the books and biographies over the last 10 - 15 years that have raised us to Tintinologists. The biographies have enhanced our enjoyment and knowledge of the Tintin books and Herge in general.

All my reading copy, hard cover Tintin books, apart from the 2 Congo albums,are Methuen. Plus, my 1st editions and a few soft cover books are all Methuen. I find the more recent printings of Tintin the colouring is too garish, and the font a bit computer generated.

I have very few peripheral things like clothing, cars or resin models etc.

When reading I like to sip the books over 3 - 4 nights. Not gulp the the books ( 3 - 4 in a night ). The way they were originally presented, with the ebb and flow of suspense, suits savouring the experience.

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