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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe trailer

#1 · Posted: 24 Apr 2005 14:47 · Edited by: Tintinrulz

(17mb file - right click and "save target as")

Some of my thoughts about it:
The trailer looks cool, but its too fast to see stuff clearly. It does look a lot lighter (in tone and colour) then I first thought it would but this suits Narnia better. Seeing the trailer I'd probably say its a high possibility it will be a PG movie. Would have been nice to have Jadis with black hair, but I guess you can't have it all.

It will be shown before Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and will be shown on tv May 7th. (Info from Narniaweb.com)

#2 · Posted: 24 Apr 2005 18:49
There have been a couple of featurettes about this movie on the apple.com Quicktime site, if you are interested. There’s a very good one about the Wetta Workshop (“Lord of the Rings” SFX) folk building creatures for it.
#3 · Posted: 25 Apr 2005 04:07
Yeah, I've see those little behind the scenes videos. They were very good! There are three of them now. Hopefully when the DVD is released it will have a behind the scenes section.
#4 · Posted: 9 May 2005 03:27
All you Narnia fans, the official trailer, hi-res or low is now available here:


Everything is so much clearer!
Check it out!
#5 · Posted: 9 May 2005 15:44
It looks very nice - even if the wardrobe appears nothing like I imagined as a child! Good to see an Aslan who, unlike the BBC TV one, can actual bound around, and not just tiptoe in an unconvincing way…

I see that Disney has green-lit the next two films as well, so looks like it is building up to be quite the epic saga…

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