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The Eurovision Song Contest: General discussion

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#11 · Posted: 2 May 2015 10:28

And on the other hand, I hope us, Tintinophiles can represent Syldavia in the next Eurovision Song Contest lol

Maybe we can have our own version of Ruslana or a Dilma Bilan? ^_^

Syldavia & Bourdia giving each other 12 points
Mikael Uhlin
#12 · Posted: 4 May 2015 10:59
I hope us, Tintinophiles can represent Syldavia in the next Eurovision Song Contest

Maybe we can get Bianca Castafiore to represent Syldavia?
#13 · Posted: 4 May 2015 14:00
Mikael Uhlin

Actually, Bianca Castafiore is an Italian because of her title as the 'Milanese Nightingale' but who knows she can but it is kinda wierd that the ESC can have an opera singer, almost same with the case of Mr. Lordi

I would rather prefer somebody from Belgium or any of the Southeastern European countries where Syldavia and Borduria was based can represent in the ESC representing as 'Syldavia'. Sooner or later we can wave the flags of Syldavia on the 2016 in Tallinn lol

The Eurovision entries in both Netherlands and Belgium had performed in fictional languages, so why not Syldavian ^_^

CORRECTION ON MY EARLIER COMMENTS: It's Cacofonix, the Bard should represent France in the esc featuring comic characters hahahahahaha

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