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Dalen: The "Tintin" & "Asterix" range expands, and now includes Irish...

#1 · Posted: 27 Nov 2014 10:44
As noted previously, last September the small British publishing house Dalen launched translations of Tintin and Asterix in Scots and Scottish Gaelic; they also have titles in Cornish and Welsh.

The range is now expanding, and readers of Irish Gaelic can join in the fun with the release of Todóga na bhFarónna – the first Tintin album ever to be made avaialble in Irish.

It is released alongside the Scottish Gaelic version Toit nam Pháro and the Scots The Merk o the Pharaoh. The titles may vary; these are the ones I got directly from the publisher, but the website actually shows slightly different names (e.g. Smùid nam Phàro for the Scots Gaelic Cigars).

The Cornish series introduced earlier this year started with Black Island appearing as An Ynys Dhu.

The Welsh series is also continuing, with Y Bad Rachub (The Red Sea Sharks) having come out in the spring.

Looking forward, the plan is to have the five series run along side each other, so Black Island, Cigars and Red Sea Sharks will be available in each, with Crab With the Golden Claws pencilled in for next March, and further titles to come (all subject to confirmation at this time).

This is a really interesting and positive development, and Dalen is to be congratulated for making a concerted effort (and financial investment) to make the books accessible to even more readers.
If you collect Tintin (or Asterix) in translation, then start saving your pennies now, as happily it looks like you could be very busy!

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