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Stéphane Steeman, R.I.P.

#1 · Posted: 23 Jan 2015 16:25
Sad to report that renowned Tintinophile and Tintinologist, the Belgian impersonator, actor and comedian Stéphane Steeman has died.
Son of writer Stanislas-André Steeman, he had a career lasting over 60 years, in radio, television and theatre, as well as co-authoring a biography of his father.
A life-long fan, he was a founder member, and former chairman, of the club Les Amis de Hergé, and a vocal supporter of Hergé against claims that he had been a collaborator during the war.
However, this latter subject also led to some controversy, when, in 1991, he visited Léon Degrelle in Malaga, to try and dissuade the right-wing Fascist activist from publishing his book about a purported relationship he had with Hergé, leading to Degrelle being a model for Tintin.
When word of their meeting came out, Steeman was himself accused of revisionism in the press and by a politician, when he suggested that the time had come to stop dwelling on the past, and to move on from questions of collaboration.
Much of his vast Tintin collection was purchased by Fanny Rodwell towards the opening of the Hergé Museum, but sadly disagreements with Moulinsart arising from the sale led to bad feelings, and his stepping down as the chairman of Les Amis.
He had been ill in the hospital at Fréjus in southern France for several weeks, where he celebrated his 82nd birthday on the 15th of January.

Our condolences go to his wife, family and those who knew him.

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