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Marlinspike: What is the name of the Siamese cat?

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#1 · Posted: 22 Dec 2004 00:42
I've always wondered - Hergé never gave the Marlinspike moggy a name;
any guesses what our beloved Archie might call him?
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#2 · Posted: 23 Dec 2004 21:50
Hergé's own (near-identical) Siamese cat was called Thaïke - so I've always personally referred to it as that!

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#3 · Posted: 24 Dec 2004 02:11
Thaïke, that's a beautiful name. But I wonder what the Captain would make of being called "beloved Archie"...?
#4 · Posted: 31 Dec 2006 10:31
I'm certain that there isn't a frame in one of the Tintin books that has the Siamese’s name. However, the name may have been included somewhere else in either a work of Hergé’s or in an article on the Tintin series.
#5 · Posted: 20 Apr 2007 19:21
I always thought it was "anchips"
Haddock and chips? No? er...
#6 · Posted: 4 Jun 2007 08:40 · Edited by: Moderator
I think his name is, "Get out from under my feet, you billious ball of fluff!" :D

All joking aside, my roommate has a cat that bears a striking resemblance to the Marlinspike cat, but he has dainty little white toes. His name is Einstein (He was so named because he also has a little white moustache. The name gets more ironic everyday...), so I nicknamed Haddock's cat Einie. :P
#7 · Posted: 4 Jun 2007 14:33
My Bengalise Cat was named after Tintin and her name: Tintinpussy or Tintinpuss. How do I get there? My sis called her puss, while I called her Tintin (Tintin is also a female name in chinese). My sis and I both quarreled till we made a deal. We call her Tintinpuss. But still, I called my cat Tintin and she's a real mean cat that loves to bite my leg and fingers.
#8 · Posted: 14 Oct 2008 22:02
As no name for the cat was stated in the books, I used to imagine that the cat´s name was "Cat", like in the "Princess Bride" novel where Buttercup´s horse was called "Horse". But then again, I don´t think that Archie would be that uncreative in naming his pet. I know someone who has a siamese cat named Phoenix, so I could imagine that as the name of Haddock´s cat too. Or Maxwell. Or Anakin. Or Thaïke as that was the name of Hergé´s cat.
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#9 · Posted: 15 Oct 2008 15:54
How about 'Golden Claws'?
Or just plain 'Spike'? :-)
#10 · Posted: 18 Oct 2008 06:06
I like 'Cat'.

Or how about 'Death-destruction-terror-doom'?

All kidding aside, I think it would be cool for the cat to have a name related to how the Captain got Marlinspike. Like Red Rackham, or Unicorn, or heck, Francis.

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