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Are Tintin books being removed from our libraries?

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#1 · Posted: 15 Jul 2006 12:12
I live in the Greenwich, London and there is around about 6 libarys within walking distance or 20 minute bus ride, and i have notcied that there isnt as many Tintin books in the libary as there used to be. now you may say the reason you never see them is becuase they have been borrowed already. nope not the case, i checked on there database and only two tintin books were available out of 3 libarys. The Shooting Star and Lake of sharks. aren't kids reading these books anymore? has anybody else noticed this in their local libarys?
#2 · Posted: 15 Jul 2006 13:18
They take them out of the local library if nobody borrows them and either sell them cheap or burn them.

I can only speak for Lancashire Library but they always keep one copy in the county for people to borrow but no library has a good selection of Tintin books, maybe only 2 or 3 in stock

#3 · Posted: 15 Jul 2006 18:03
From the age of 3-11 when i used to get tintin books out of my libary 1992-1999 they had every tintin book in paperback and hardback form they had a book about herge im not sure what book it is now and they had all the special tintin making of books,destination moon,and tintin in the orient and all the poster books and the pop up destination moon book i wonder where ey have all gone now as some of these books would be rare to get.
And my mother said to me that once when i was about 5 we got tintin and the golden flesse out on video and it was in english i cant remember it that well though i wonder what became of them.
I certainly hope they dont burn them :(
UK Correspondent
#4 · Posted: 15 Jul 2006 18:28
A few weeks ago I was at Blackpool Central Library, who had quite a few of the books in stock: I think there's seven or eight new editions, including Soviets.
#5 · Posted: 15 Jul 2006 22:51
It may be a purely local phenomena. Here in New Zealand Tintin’s had quite a revival in recent years as adults who grew up with the books continue to introduce them to their children; and sometimes grandchildren. Not only that, the merchandise side of things has absolutely exploded and the film adaptations are widely available on cassette and DVD.

The only reason one might have difficulty finding a library copy here is because they’re so popular and they‘re always on loan. There might also be a problem with the books’ durability. It doesn’t take much for a young Tintin fan to batter a copy beyond all recognition. Even with my own careful treatment I often find pages coming loose and falling out. Maybe your library is sick of constantly replacing them and has decided to limit the number of replacement copies it purchases.

Keep up the hunt.
#6 · Posted: 23 Jul 2006 12:40
Wow another Kiwi fan on here!
Nice to see you Blaise...

I find that my local library has quite a good selection of Tintin books available, including some of the more obscure titles (like Apha art and Soviets). They also have a number of Asterix books (which share equal popularity amongst young readers here in NZ I believe).

I sometimes am dismayed at the lack of Tintin books available in books shops, but recently there indeed does seem to be a greater number of them available here in Wellington where I live. One store (a rather snooty department store) here in Wgtn (the name of which currently is unavailable to my memory banks!) also stocks some Tintin merchandise (at a very expensive rate I might add) including keyrings and notepads and small figures of the characters etc...

#7 · Posted: 24 Jul 2006 02:43
Hi Kam,

Yes, I'm a Kiwi Tintin fan too.

In my experience, NZ shops like Whitcoulls always have plenty of Tintins available, unless, of course, you happen to be looking for a particular title, and then you can guarantee that they won't have it! My local Paper Plus also has a reasonable selection including stationary and cards etc.

Here in Christchurch I can also order Tintin books from the library online, which saves a lot of mucking around. I'm sure they must have a similar service in Britain given the fact that they're usually about 5 years ahead of us in everything else.

#8 · Posted: 28 Dec 2006 19:14
i also come from new zealand and my local librery has just bought about five more tintin books
#9 · Posted: 30 Jun 2007 07:47
that is the worst thing i ever hate. the pish-posh british council library in chennai dosent have a single copy. i obtained membership from that place only to read all the albums. but i turned back dejected. my school library has tintin but not the complete set. my sister's school library had all 24 albums but one day the idiotic librarian reported the books as 'junk' to the principle & had them removed sparing only the bland shooting star behind. i was mad with rage!!
#10 · Posted: 1 Apr 2017 13:39
or burn them.

Burn??? Who would want to burn a Tintin book???

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